Your weekly horoscope for 30 November to 6 December

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Astrology fans, read your weekly horoscope here to avoid any unwanted surprises, and to know what to expect in the upcoming week. 


Jupiter changes signs and brings a new influence, inclining you to think bigger and look more earnestly for opportunity, supported by cash-loving Venus, self-disciplined Saturn and big-money Pluto. Will you grow rich(er)? Quite possibly, if you don’t just trust to luck.


A significant time looms as expansive Jupiter moves into your sign and stays there till December 2020. This raises your ambition no matter what you’re doing, and not just in professional matters. A lot more travel can be expected.


Recent disruptive energies at work or in the home can be put behind you as a surge of power helps you push towards a target. Something of a feminist theme emerges as you assert your rights, especially in career.


Business and social life falls under the influence of Jupiter. New allies are needed who think outside the box and are unafraid to challenge old ways. If you’re campaigning or raising money for charity, this is an excellent phase.


With big-thinking Jupiter now at the top of your chart, you really are at a point of lift-off in pushing your life in a new or refashioned direction. The mood will be lighter and more optimistic as you enter 2020.


All that is ‘far away’ (geographically, culturally, socially or romantically) comes into focus in your search for the next big life adventure. There just has to be more than what you have now. It’s wise to manage expectations, to stay real.


If the last year has seen you break new ground socially, the new Jupiter influence pushes you towards an intimacy or sharing or the uplifting awareness that you’re not alone. This can have a sexual, financial, spiritual or mystical component.


Social life is about to grow in ways you cannot yet imagine – more new faces may have romantic and professional consequences. The crab (your star symbol) is known for hiding away from time to time, but now you’re out to play.


Never underestimate a Leo’s ability to renew the self in a burst of ambition and resolution. You have identified a life area that requires a major overhaul, and this could be to do with work, daily routine, health or spiritual wellbeing.


This festive period should be even more joyous than usual, with a personal celebration coinciding with the seasonal one. A demonstrative mood makes you popular with the kids – while for other Virgos, romantic encounters start under promising skies.


The home environment has seen heavy responsibility – and there can be no promise that situations just suddenly resolve. But a fresh domestic mood is brought in by Jupiter which will have the effect of making possible what was once unthinkable or incredible.


A new desire to expand your understanding of a subject or situation starts to deepen because it is your intention to get the better of those who oppose you. The victory trail can’t be far away, now or in 2020.

By Victor Olliver

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