Your weekly horoscope for 9 to 15 Nov

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Everything you need to know for your upcoming week.


There’s another chance to realise a long-cherished ambition despite the protests of at least one person in your circle. Focus on pointing out the practical advantages of taking a certain route if you encounter objections. It’s really up to you.


No time to delay. Make the most of this month before ruler Jupiter moves out of your sign in December. This is a productive period to start a new project or plan a ‘bucket list’ journey that opens up your world.


Full Moon brings to the boil an issue about your position within a group, for better or worse. If someone is trying to hold you back, there’s scope for speaking out provided that you don’t rock the boat too much.


Someone from your past makes a return and is likely to make an impact on career or overall life direction. Could be a former boss or ex-colleague. Even so, don’t neglect a family or home demand that may be time-consuming.


So what if people think you’re over-idealistic? It’s essential that whatever you do in life is part of a personal ‘dream’ and this you are about to make clear to certain colleagues. Why just be a cog in the machine?


A time of turbulence in one or two personal relationships is approaching its end as ruler Mars prepares to move into a new sign. If you reflect on the reasons for this discord you will turn pain into priceless lessons.


It’s no fun being given advice you didn’t ask for. But there’s much to gain from putting on your listening ears this week and paying attention to someone who understands your situation and aims to be helpful. A fateful gift.


There’s so much activity in your life, no wonder you want to hide away! Full moon encourages you to do just that – if only for an hour or two. A rest from the crowd will refresh thoughts and revive spirits.


Your patience is repaid as you deal with quite complex matters in a group situation of any kind. Fortunately, you’ve seen it all before – people are people and it takes all sorts. Your understanding stands you in good stead.


Romantic and sexual energies are highlighted, which can be great fun so long as you don’t lose sight of a reality. Avoid mixing business with pleasure or lending money to a close friend or lover. This can be an intoxicating time.


Don’t hesitate to reach out to someone you know needs your attention. The effort will turn out to be quite an adventure. And that’s what you need right now – a break-out into a new world or way of life.


Make an extra special effort to seek clarification on certain details or else you could be misled or misinformed. A financial gain depends on understanding a deal, situation or promise. There’s profit to be made from an unlikely source.

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