Your weekly horoscope for 14 to 20 December

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Astrology fans, read your weekly horoscope here to avoid any unwanted surprises, and to know what to expect in the upcoming week. 


At last, progress can be made in helping to resolve a family controversy or falling-out as you start to understand an issue, which up to now has baffled you. This is a happy set-up for the festive season.


Someone is putting up a resistance to your ideas. The trick is not to try to dominate but to explain your position. Possibly a compromise can be reached. Have you considered that you can be a little overbearing at times?


Attention turns to personal style – how can you better get across what you’re about through clothes and cosmetics? Fashion planet Venus in your sign brings an edgier look. Some Aquarians may even dye their hair rainbow colours. Raised eyebrows!


A corporation or group of people may prove annoying. Possibly, demands are being made which you feel are unreasonable. In this instance follow your head and not your heart. Sometimes a battle is worth winning another day.


Social life really picks up and not just because it’s Christmas. Recent changes in your work have brought a new crowd into your circle and it’s a great time to work out who’s likely to be an ally or foe.


A powerful influence is turning your thoughts to travel or further education of some kind. Just be certain that this is what you want and is not because someone is pulling your strings. Try to stay independent – you will.


A spirit of adventure is helping you to make new friends and acquaintances. What you need are new faces and fresh perspectives to reshape your expectations, be these professional or romantic. Or both. Embrace the exciting bumpy ride.


Usually you try to avoid confrontation. But sometimes you have to put your foot down and tell people (bosses especially) that they may be overstepping the mark. You’ll find the right words to state your case successfully.


Daily life feels heavy because more responsibility is on your shoulders. The best way to look at this is that you have much to gain by impressing people who are constantly measuring your performance. Soon a reward will encourage you.


A situation requires you to be subtle or gentle in your approach to a tricky customer. Whether you’re selling something or seeking to persuade, the Mars-Neptune alignment bestows a winning sensitivity. Words are your crafty ‘weapon’ this week.


A greater sense of optimism encourages you to make family or home plans, which are likely to see the light of day in 2020 as Jupiter strengthens all domestic matters. Finances also are under favourable skies.


It may seem minor a development at first, but your stand on a matter of principle stands you in good stead in the mind of anyone in authority over you. To make the most of this influence, just be true to yourself.

By Victor Olliver

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