Your weekly horoscope for 1 to 7 February

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Astrology fans, read your weekly horoscope here to avoid any unwanted surprises, and to know what to expect in the upcoming week.
Everything you need to know for your upcoming week.


‘Circumstances’ have compelled you to make a decision affecting income, such as finding a new job. And while you may have had your doubts about a certain course of action, you’ll soon discover that you’re on the right road financially.


You are set to make a very good impression on a group or organisation even if you feel that you’re under a lot of pressure. With mind planet Mercury in Pisces, you will react quickly and imaginatively to unexpected events.


Ready yourself for a charm offensive as schmoozy planet Venus enters your sign. Yes, there are plenty of work challenges, but you’ll find that a friendly or non-hostile approach works wonders. This is not the time to do battle.


Fortune favours the inventive approach right now – so don’t be afraid to share ideas you have on refreshing a business or any kind of campaign. If you aim high and stay true to personal ideals, you can make great progress.


Not all the good things that come to us are the result of what we set out to do. Inner changes can attract new people because we’re putting out a different kind of energy. This explains a welcome professional development.


Take every opportunity coming your way to meet new people from different social and cultural backgrounds. Aside from the fun aspect, there’s a chance sooner or later to take a step into a new world that offers fresh adventures.


The issue of relationships with friends or even a partner is foremost in mind. But what can you do? Sometimes there isn’t an immediate solution. You’re better off focusing on work – at least here there’s a greater chance of improvement.


From now to April, life places you in a ‘diplomatic’ peacemaker role as ruler Mercury occupies your opposite sign, affecting friendships and other close bonds. So much can be achieved by listening to others and sorting out any rifts.


A longish sorting-out phase commences when you can put life in order and pay better attention to health and wellbeing. Over the next few weeks, you’ll find yourself fixing problems you’ve been putting off. The result is you’ll be freed up.


The competitive side of you is triggered by a situation – it could simply be a sport. Or someone at work or in your social life is trying to invade your patch and of course you’ll show them you’re still the best!


Life at home gets a lot more hectic – decisions are being made at quite a pace. And thanks to Mercury’s arrival in your domestic chart sector, you are better able to communicate your thoughts with loved ones. Don’t rely on telepathy!


Normally you like life to proceed at an orderly pace. But the next three months will see you multi-tasking and having to move speedily as many small matters queue up for your attention. Exhausting but also satisfying if you stay flexible.

By Victor Olliver

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