Your weekly horoscope for 15 to 21 February

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Astrology fans, read your weekly horoscope here to avoid any unwanted surprises, and to know what to expect in the upcoming week.
Everything you need to know for your upcoming week.


Any group project or campaign you’re involved in gets a boost as dynamic planet Mars changes signs. Do not fear boldness or even unusual approaches to reach a target. But you may need to watch ego – success comes via teamwork.


An extra push is required to make an impression in career or a public duty – which is helped by ruler Mars now at the top of your horoscope. This remains a very important time to achieve an ambition through performance.


A new phase opens up when you can expand your life in so many different ways. Even going it alone may be an option in private or career life. Some Taureans may consider going overseas or taking up a new study.


This is a turbulent phase but go with the flow of events. Creative and/or sexual themes are highlighted, so anything or anyone that you perceive as restrictive is likely to be rejected. Personal freedom is your aim, now or very soon.


Some aggressive people in your circle may leave you unsettled. But they are helping to refresh a situation which may have grown dull or stale. A business enterprise badly needs new ideas or input, so accept the need for changes.


Turn attention to health and wellbeing. Excess energy – which can lead to stress – needs burning up, so think about joining a gym or taking up yoga (perhaps check with your doctor first). Prepare yourself for a very active work time.


Love life heats up – you’re certainly in the mood for romance, distraction or a getaway as Mars fuels passions. The next month sees greater focus on relationships, personal or business. This is a good period to make peace with opponents.


If you want something done, it’s best that you do it. Mars’ alignment with Uranus strengthens your initiative to sort out a domestic problem – be this to do with repairs or home situations. You’re about to put your foot down.


There’s a need to ‘sell’ an idea to difficult people – what should you do to pull this off? The best way is stay focused on practicalities while proposing an innovation to make life a lot easier. Success is likely.


Long-term concerns about money are helped by the arrival of Mars in your horoscope house of income. This stirs creative business ideas – and one may just grow in the time to come. Push harder to make an enterprise more productive.


Spiritually you are renewed by Mars’ arrival in Capricorn – suddenly you’re feeling you can take on the world, especially in matters to do with developing a talent or pursuing a love interest. Expect important developments up to the end of March.


There’s a need to deal with the consequences of a past action, which could be profitable. Much depends on how ethical you have been! Whatever happens, a valuable lesson can be learned as you make your way up life’s ladder.

By Victor Olliver

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