Your weekly horoscope for 8 to 14 February

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Astrology fans, read your weekly horoscope here to avoid any unwanted surprises, and to know what to expect in the upcoming week. 
Everything you need to know for your upcoming week.


So much can be gained through compromise, negotiation and diplomacy, thanks to a full moon and charming Venus changing signs. Seemingly intractable situations start to melt in your favour as you spend more time listening to other points of view.


You have extended time to revise or review a major personal decision affecting a relationship or responsibility. It could be that you have overlooked one aspect which makes all the difference. Try not to give more than you receive.


A newish situation – a job perhaps – finds you being scrutinised by people, many of whom are looking for fault. So, Venus’ arrival in Aries is perfect timing to sharpen your image and appearance so that you look the part.


It’s a good idea to double-check that the people around you – friends or colleagues – are basically on your side. We can’t always do things solo. A new phase is opening up when you will need support to be more effective.


Take better care of reputation and watch out for pitfalls due to any oversight. If an opportunity is presented to step up the career ladder, look out for the ‘catch’ because you’ll find it. Just keep those eyes wide open.


Clever people do mix business with pleasure. Venus at the top of your horoscope eases your relationship with bosses and colleagues, enabling you to anticipate and avoid problems – a source of pleasure to others and profit to you. Prepare for compliments.


Full moon in Leo grants you a short period to say your piece and reset a relationship so that your interests are not ignored. Time for a relaunch. It is a good idea now to say what’s been left unsaid.


The period between early February and early March is most favourable for finances – if a partner’s good fortune does not benefit you, then look for good news from a financial institution. Alternatively, singletons may find a new genuine friend or lover.


It’s those ‘little things’ in life that can make all the difference to happiness. Such as, the right fabric conditioner scent in freshly folded towels. Loved-ones sigh at your fastidious attention to detail, but you know you’re in the right.


February’s events are a reminder that though there’s always someone who insists that you are irreplaceable (which can be annoying or discombobulating), you secretly like being in demand. Yes, you do. You may crave freedom but to be needed is important.


The home is taking up a lot more of your time and energy. Repairs and refurbishments may involve you in domestic budget questions – all for a good cause, naturally. But you may also be thinking about a residential move.


By April of this year, you’ll be amazed at how altered things are – and for the better. Look out for tiny life changes which together amount to a revolution. In this phase of benign upheaval, aim to settle or haggle over any debt.

By Victor Olliver

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