A lesson in collagen: Why this buzzworthy skincare ingredient should be in your routine

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You’ve heard of collagen; but does all the hype surrounding this ingredient really live up to its promise? The short answer: yes. Find out why here.
While ingesting collagen has always been popular, as it’s a well-known protein, skincare companies are now jumping on the bandwagon by infusing their products with the powerful ingredient. So, what are the benefits of collagen?

What Is Collagen?

Collagen is a major protein that is naturally produced in our bodies; it's what gives skin its elasticity and strength. However, as we age collagen production slows down, and our skin’s natural ability to stay plump and supple diminishes, which is one of the reasons wrinkles and fine lines start to develop. External factors, such as sun exposure, smoking and diet can further contribute to collagen loss.

Why Is Collagen Important For Your Skin?

Collagen plays a vital role in the overall health of your skin. From giving your complexion a healthy glow to keeping your skin plump and full, collagen is the answer to retaining your youthful looks. Choosing skincare products infused with collagen will boost your collagen production and help your skin stay firmer and plumper for longer.

Is Collagen in Skincare Effective?

While taking supplements and adjusting your diet is important when it comes to boosting collagen, adding this super ingredient to your skincare regimen is also very effective. Moisturisers or serums with synthetic collagen not only deliver essential proteins needed for skin to stay plump and supple but also add a film-like layer to your skin, which helps to reduce water loss and acts as a barrier from damaging environmental elements.

When Should I Start Incorporating Collagen Into My Skincare Routine?

Experts agree that natural collagen production slows down as early as your mid-twenties (gulp), but at a slow rate to begin with. It’s never too early to start introducing collagen into your skincare routine; your twenties at the earliest, and early thirties at the latest.

What collagen-infused products should I be using?

From night creams to masks, there are various skincare products that you can incorporate into your beauty regimen that will either boost collagen levels in your skin or stimulate natural collagen production.

The Night Cream

Specifically formulated to make tired skin look more youthful, this rich night cream is made with soluble collagen, which is able to correct and combat signs of ageing.
Night Cream with Collagen and Woodmallow

The Restoring Serum

This powerful serum boosts and improves collagen production thanks to fast-acting ingredients that are easily absorbed.
Collagen Reconstruct Therapy

The Mighty Mask

If a radiant and glowing complexion is what you're after, then slathering on this mask is a must! Bursting with sea minerals, collagen and argan oil, it’s the perfect anecdote for parched skin.
Skin Republic
Collagen Hydrogel Face Mask Sheet

The Ultra-Rich Cream

Intensely nourishing, this thick and creamy formula contains all the anti-ageing power of the original Pro-Collagen Marine Cream but in a richer base, targeting dry and dehydrated skin.
Pro-Collagen Marine Cream Ultra-Rich

The Booster

Ideal for dehydrated skin, this intensive rejuvenation treatment provides a powerful boost of collagen and moisture-locking ingredients that promote smooth and plump skin.
Denoderm Collagen Booster Serum

The Age Defender

This superhero serum is especially effective on skin that's already showing advanced signs of ageing. Featuring a trio of powerful ingredients including retinol, glycogen and collagen, it’s your answer to more youthful looking skin.
Global-Repair Essence

The Facial Oil

A multitasking magical elixir, this nourishing oil floods skin with hydration to improve firmness and soften fine lines and wrinkles. And best of all, it can be used on your face, body, nails and hair for an all-over glow.
La Mer
The Renewal Oil

The Smoothing Cream

Packed with a highly effective triple collagen complex and antioxidants, this comforting cream works to protect against external aggressors while helping to restore the skin’s elasticity and natural radiance.
Collagene Expert Ultimate Smoothing Cream


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