The ultimate beard care for men

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Whether you’re a beginner beardie or a seasoned pro, here are some of the best beard care products on the market.
Whether you’re growing your very first beard or can’t remember the last time you were clean-shaven, don’t stress. We’ve searched the grooming shelves so you can invest in the very best products to create a comprehensive beard-care routine. Go forth and grow!
Kiehl’s Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream 320
Spiked with menthol and camphor, this shaving cream not only provides skin with a shot of hydrating nourishment but also conditions the hairs so your razor glides effortlessly, with minimal risk of cuts or nicks.

Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm 135
Enriched with chamomile and vitamin E, this quick absorbing after shave balm instantly soothes and alleviates redness. And with no drying alcohol, it's perfect for those with sensitive skin.

TABAC Original Shaving Soap 160
This quality shaving soap whips into the perfect lather lubricating your face and whiskers allowing your razor blade to move smoothly and cleanly across your face for a close shave with minimal irritation.

TABAC Original Shaving Soap Bowl 455
Including the unmistakable key fragrance Tabac Original is known for, this shaving soap, in a convenient easy-to-store bowl, is specifically formulated to help cleanse, soften and maintain a healthy beard.

LAB Series 3-in-1 Post-Shave 515
Another product geared to making grooming routines less complicated, this triple-action gel formula treats in-grown hairs, soothes and prevents razor bumps and refines beard over time for easier, less frequent shaves.

Clinique For Men Oil Control Exfoliating Tonic 365
Getting effective skin care while wearing full face scruff might seem like a mighty task but this multi-benefit tonic does the job and then some! It works to unclog pores, de-flakes and smooths skin's surface to reveal clearer skin and preps for the perfect shave.

Clarins Men After Shave Soother 410
If daily shaving leaves your skin itchy, red and irritated then a calming after-shave soother is a must. This is a light, fast absorbing cream for ‘razor-stressed’ skin and because it has zero alcohol it won't strip away natural oils.


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