Your weekly horoscope for 7 to 13 March 2020

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Astrology fans, read your weekly horoscope here to avoid any unwanted surprises, and to know what to expect in the upcoming week.
Everything you need to know for your upcoming week.


February 20-March 20
A secret is about to be spilled under full moon and Mercury moving direct. Or, you become aware that you’re not in full possession of the facts. Or, are you imagining things? When in doubt, trust instincts on a project.


March 21-April 20
This is not the greatest time for risk-taking or swanning off from a responsibility. There’s a need to focus on who’s on your side in a place of distrust. Once you have a ‘team’ of support there’s little to stop you.


April 21-May 21
Someone is sending you mixed messages – either they are confused or dishonest. Treat whatever’s said with a pinch of salt. Focus mind on an ambitious target and martial your own thoughts for success. A career muddle can be ended.


May 22-June 21
More people are watching you than you realise – so watch out for what’s written on Twitter and Facebook or said to friends. It’s all too easy to give the wrong impression. This a wonderful phase to get across a creative idea.


June 22-July 23
Remember, you don’t have to love everybody for cooperation. There is however tremendous social activity in your chart which promises excitement and stimulation. And a new circle of friends or acquaintances will help you view the world through fresh eyes.


July 24-August 23
Do pay greater attention to a financial matter. If you think you have only half the picture do not fear asking for more details. Volatile cosmic energies may leave you wondering if some people are trying it on with you.


August 24- September 23
If you have a book, show or event to promote, victory awaits. But the onus is on you to do the thinking and strategising as certain colleagues will be found to be muddle-headed and not really focusing their thoughts.


September 24-October 23
A partnership issue hits a brief bumpy time over finances or emotional withholding. Or get ready for unexpected news from a bank or distant relative. Keep the mind open to a change of direction and bend somewhat to someone else’s wishes.


October 24-November 22
Your emotional intelligence is very high – but you don’t always report what you sense about others. It becomes information for future use! While others about you may have lost their heads somewhat, you are accumulating a lot of very useful insights.


November 23-December 21
The challenge now is not to get too dogmatic, especially over a home or family question. Full moon’s proximity to imaginative Neptune enables you to think outside boxes: an answer lies in a ‘creative response’, not in precedent or habit.


December 22-January 20
A chance to go a bit wild should be embraced. Part of you may be appalled by this exhibition of irresponsibility, yet we all need to let our hair down – especially as life has been ‘heavy’ for you in recent months.


December 22-January 20
Delay making any decision that affects income, asset value or investments. You are finding it hard to be objective. This phase won’t last long. As Mercury moves into your chart house of money, you’ll find a sensible resolution later in March.

By Victor Olliver

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