5 ways to ace an at-home dinner date

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Sometimes the best kind of dinner date is one that’s in the comfort of your own home. Try these five tips for a romantic night in.
Sometimes the best kind of dinner date is one that’s in the comfort of your own home. We’ve rounded up five ways you can enhance the ambience of your space to make it a night to remember.
Written by Emma Follett-Botha
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1. Keep the menu simple

When it comes to deciding what food to serve, it’s best to stick with what you already know, or go super simple with dishes that don’t require much cooking. That way, your chance of messing up the menu is far lower. If you’re up to it, you could even practise preparing the dish the night before. Summer tapas-style bites are ideal for sharing and, because they’re so low maintenance, you can spend more time chatting and less time slaving over the stove – score!

2. Create a laid-back setting

A great way to make your significant other feel more comfortable and welcome is to do away with restrictive table and chairs and opt for a brightly coloured tablecloth and printed scatter cushions – look to Moroccan hosting ideas for inspiration. Go for the widest, most comfortable cushions you can find and scatter them around a tablecloth on the floor.

3. Keep the table setting minimal

Even if the setting is a picnic in the middle of the lounge, it doesn’t mean you need to skimp on the usual table setting details. Fabric napkins, crockery and silverware are still essential to making your partner feel special. 

4. Use light and scent to set the mood

To enhance the ambience of the space, position a couple of scented candles around the room. Not only will they provide romantic lighting, but their scent will enhance the experience too. Bonus points if you manage to organise a vase with an attractive bouquet of flowers.

5. Consider your glassware carefully

Whether you’re serving alcohol or not, you still need to bring out the fancy glassware. Plastic would be your go-to for a picnic, but this is a memorable occasion, so bring out the crystal stemware and gemstone-coloured tumblers. 


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