5 make-up brushes your beauty kit needs

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Make-up brushes are an essential part of ensuring your make-up is flawless. We brush up on the five brushes to invest in.
Extremely versatile and easy to use, these are the essential brushes you need to create breath-taking looks. Brush up on your basics and read on.


The foundation of your beauty arsenal, this brush is really a non-negotiable when it comes to creating a flawless canvas. Typically firm and wide with a slight dome shape; a foundation brush will give you more coverage and a smooth, poreless finish.

Artist tip #1
For the most natural finish, apply foundation to the centre of your face first, and extend toward your hairline.
Beautique Foundation Brush 92.95


Another staple in your make-up bag, a blush brush can be used for blusher, bronzer and powder. Boasting a feathery feel with ultra-long bristles, this brush is ideal for picking up and depositing blush to define, contour and shade your cheeks.

Artist tip #2
Softer bristles will create a more subtle flush while a more densely packed brush will deliver a more potent colour payoff.
Clarins Blush Brush 395


Dubbed the ‘magic wand’, a concealer brush tackles some of your worst beauty woes – think dark circles, blemishes and scars – in one step. A brush with a tapered head and bristles that are both firm and flexible can reach those areas your other tools (or fingers) cannot.

Artist tip #3
For the best results, apply concealer over foundation as this will ensure that the concealer wont be wiped away.
Mac Concealer Brush 355


When it comes to eye shadow, there are so many brushes that will aid in the application of your chosen pigments but the tool that does the trick best is the blending brush. This flexible brush makes it easy to blend colours and soften lines, and is ideal for dusting eye shadow along the crease of your lids.

Artist tip #4
When applying your eye shadow, target areas around the eye, such as the inner and outer corners, with the most intense pigment.
Estée Lauder Blending Brush 495


It’s no secret that brows frame your face, and can really pull your beauty look together. Keep them in shape with a brush/spoolie duo. Super convenient, this brush is great for full fill-ins and precision touch-ups while the spoolie helps to distribute colour evenly and allows you to have that brushed-up brow look that's gorgeous and natural looking.

Artist tip #5
Perfect brows start with a spoolie brush! Simply brush the hair upward to see where there is any unevenness. And then using brow powder or pencil fill in the sparse areas to ensure brows look perfectly on point.
Smashbox Camera Ready Define and Groom Brow Brush 430

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