Let’s talk about the Huawei Y Series

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All the features you love at a fraction of the cost? Sign us up!
The high-end phone market is a saturated and competitive place, with brands trying to outdo each other in functionality and tech features. It has us wondering, ‘What about the rest of us?’ Huawei answered this call with the release of the 2018 Y Series – five phones that address the needs of the young (or young at heart) with the functionality you love at a price you can afford. Here are the highlights of each model:

The Y 7 2018 is designed for those who love gaming. Get lost in the 5.99 inch display, which offers a more immersive gaming experience with detailed graphics and audio. The Y 6 2018 is made for those who enjoy music on the go, as well as those who like to sing and share their performances with friends. The Y 5 Prime and Y 5 Lite 2018 are perfect for first-time mobile users and those looking for an inexpensive device with a seamless user experience. The Y 3 2018 features Android Go, a lite version of the current Oreo operating system, which optimises the device performance while making it more efficient.

No matter which device you choose, the great thing about the Y Series is that all of them look as good as they perform, with sleek and fashionable designs, wide displays and ergonomically designed curved screens. They also have split-screen mode, which allows you to multitask between two applications at any given time. And, as with any modern Huawei, the camera quality is insane. Other cool functions include Face Unlock (Y 5 Lite, Y 5 Prime 2018, Y 6 2018 and Y 7 2018) and impressive battery life.

We mentioned that the Y Series comes at a fraction of the cost of high-end smartphones. What do we mean by that? Retailing between 999 and 2999, the price is almost unheard of for a phone range delivering this level of performance.

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