5 office outfits for the stylish, discerning man

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We follow Edgars Brand Manager, Katlego, for a week to see what he wears to work, for inspiration for our 2020 workwear.
We’re starting the new working year with a bang. These five outfits are not only suitable for the office, they’re also inspired and approved by the ever stylish brand manager at Edgars, Katlego.


Every guy needs at least one formal outfit for the office – and what better day of the week to don the suit jacket than a Monday. If your office environment doesn’t require a suit and tie on the daily, then we say opt for a blazer in a light and fun colour to change up the look from the usual black suit. Pair it with dark, formal pants and a pair of loafers for that stylishly put-together look.
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While this is a suit look, it’s made less formal with the addition of a printed shirt and a pair of white sneakers. Floral print is a great option for the office when paired with formal clothing. Button down the shirt to expose a little chest, and definitely ditch the socks to show your ankles – you’ll still look neat and presentable but laid-back and stylish.
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Never underestimate the power of a printed shirt, which always lends a certain sophistication to whatever outfit you’ve put together. Wednesdays call for a smart, neat look but don’t usually require the formality of a jacket. Pair your shirt with some well-fitted dark pants and finish off the outfit with carefully considered accessories – a watch, sunnies and a pair of crisp white sneakers. Make sure your kicks are clean though, as even in a relaxed office environment dirty sneakers never look good.
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You simply cannot go wrong with a blue-jean-white-shirt combo. It’s a staple look in both men and women’s wardrobes, and when styled correctly, doesn’t have to look completely casual. Button your shirt right up to the collar so you keep its formal structure; this will also allow you to keep it casually untucked from your jeans. The contrast of formal black shoes paired with black socks and the laid-back colour and fit of the denim creates the perfect office look for a Thursday.
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By the time Friday arrives, you’re ready to relax, unwind and get into the weekend, and your outfit should certainly reflect that. Keep it casual in a golfer (buttoned up for a preppy-cool look) and pair it with trousers in a light colour – a candy colour like pink if you’re brave enough, otherwise opt for a grey or beige pair, which will still stand out from the dark colours you’ve been wearing in the week. Top off the look with a trusty pair of white lace-up sneakers (sans the socks), and you’ve nailed casual Friday with flair.
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