Your weekly horoscope for 4 January 2020 to 10 January 2020

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Astrology fans, read your weekly horoscope here to avoid any unwanted surprises, and to know what to expect in the upcoming week. 


The subtle approach is advised in dealing with a person who may not share your opinion. But if you listen out someone’s personal expression, you’ll find them much easier to deal with. The two of you may end up agreeing.


In a financial matter, don’t get too dogmatic or fixed in your thinking. Allow for the unexpected and don’t imagine that you can control the flow of events. If you trust to fate a bit, you’ll end up happily surprised.


A business issue fast approaches crunch time. And the likelihood is that you’re feeling out on a limb. While you may feel you’re up against very considerable opposition, remember your right to be heard. Hidden allies will prove useful.


Your big advantage now is that you’re pushing others to think more ambitiously and out of boxes, thanks to ruler Mars in Sagittarius. Don’t expect everyone to love you for this. Just stay focused on an objective or plan.


How to get a message across to an awkward customer is your main challenge. How do you persuade a person who thinks they know it all that you have a view worth considering? Research will help strengthen your hand.


One way to impress those who matter is to align yourself with fresh approaches and new ideas so that you’re seen as part of a necessary change – be this at work or home. Your watchword is: onward with revolution.


People who seem part of a problem may also prove to be the key to finding solutions. Life can be complicated as it is now. Be extra careful in how you deal with friends. Some will prove very useful soon.


If health and wellbeing are preoccupying thoughts, focus your mind on rest and recuperation. Thanks to recent pressures, you’re starting to realise that you must come first and cherish mind and body. Make it clear that you need time alone.


A romantic interest intensifies even if you remain uncertain as to its survival chances. Something about a special person in your life doesn’t quite add up – although perhaps you’re imagining things. Try to keep an open mind.


It’s only natural to be worried about your long-term security. But bear in mind we live in a different world now where few jobs are for life. You’ll feel a lot less anxious if you stay flexible in your approaches and expectations.


A change taking place in your local world will work to your personal advantage so long as you allow the process to proceed at its own pace. Sometimes it works to stand back and allow life to sort things out.


Very shortly, a decision will be made affecting your material security, hence your concerns. There is much to gain from this provided you accept the need for fundamental change. Things cannot stay the same. But you know this in your heart.

By Victor Olliver

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