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It can be really tough to decide which rugs belong where in your home. Here’s a guide to buying the correct carpet for the right room in your house.
Choosing the right rug isn't just about what's pleasing to the eye. It's crucial to consider the practicality of the material for the room or space, as well as what shapes and styles of rug work best. With its brand-new homeware offering, Edgars has carefully selected an assortment of rugs that ticks all the right boxes. 
Written by Emma Follett-Botha


You’re likely to find cotton rugs in the form of small mats, which are often used in hallways and bathrooms.
Why we love it: Affordable; easier to clean than delicate fabrics such as wool and silk; easily dyed; machine washable.
Things to consider: Isn’t as durable as jute; can stain easily; slow drying time; tendency to brown/fade over time.
Best for: Kids’ rooms; under doorways; bathroom.

Private Collection diamond-detail mat 199.95Private Collection ombre mat 199.95Private Collection rib-weave knit 299.95


Known for its soft, plush texture, this twisted yarn can be made from cotton or synthetic fibres. Chenille rug styles range from woven to braided to shag.
Why we love it: Deep pile; extremely soft underfoot; provides an element of luxury.
Things to consider: Easily damaged by moisture; difficult to clean.
Best for: Bedroom and nursery rooms.

Private Collection graphic distressed rug 1299.95Private Collection graphic distressed rug 1299.95


Synthetic fibres are made from polymers that undergo a chemical process. They can mimic natural fibres and are often considerably cheaper. Polypropylene, nylon, acrylic and polyester, which fall under the synthetic rug category, are specially manufactured to be durable and easy to clean.
Why we love it: Sun- and water-resistant; a great all-rounder option if you’re undecided.
Things to consider: Prone to abrasive scratches.
Best for: Kitchen; dining room; bathroom; outdoor area.

Private Collection shaggy rug 699.95Private Collection ombre rug with shaggy detail 499.95Private Collection embroidered rug with fringe 499.95


Jute, sisal, hemp and seagrass are all fantastic options for high-traffic areas. Rugs made from these natural fabrics can actually start to look better with age due to their incredible warm, worn-in texture. You’ll usually find them in varying shades of brown, making them perfect for slotting into almost any colour scheme.
Why we love it: Affordable; high durability; high resistance to stains.
Things to consider: Has a tendency to shed fibres frequently; can feel quite scratchy so not recommended for sensitive skin or kids’ rooms.
Best for: Living room; kitchen; stoep; entrance hall.

Private Collection multicoloured braided circle rug 499.95


Fashion editor: Brittany Penebre. Junior fashion editor: Rushana Burton.
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