Your weekly horoscope for 26 January to 1 February

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Avoid those unwanted surprises, and rather be in the know. Read your weekly horoscope here.
Everything you need to know for your upcoming week.


You’ll relish the opportunity to flap your wings a little this week via study, a visit or simply by taking a trip somewhere exciting. Key news regarding work, your status, career or general direction will add fuel to a sense of progress.


A strong link with someone dynamic, and someone who is also motivational, will propel your work or ventures towards fresh growth. A trip or the chance to indulge in a new area of interest will promote a taste for the new.


Your link with a friend or organisation will prove motivational and you’ll enjoy socialising this weekend.  A work project should prompt harder work. News regarding your favourite interests will include the chance to meet upbeat people.


Your work and personal life could both benefit from a boost. You should enjoy upbeat events and socialising this weekend; family and an inspiring character may bring exciting times your way. News from a partner midweek may be unexpected.


News midweek could change your daily routine for a while and may be a turning point. Beforehand, you’ll enjoy the chance to re-connect with someone special or to rekindle a collaborative effort. Avoid making promises you can’t keep.


This weekend is ideal for making the changes you feel are long overdue, either at home or regarding shared duties or areas, such as space at the office. News midweek will help you to make changes at work and health-wise.


This weekend will be a good time for expressing your inner feelings to someone close. You could truly bond over a common interest or hobby. Midweek will also be ideal for discussing family or creative projects and ventures.


Work, finances and health could be on the up. You should feel increasingly motivated to stride into new territory, and will enjoy making more time for activities you enjoy. News at home, regarding family or a visit may arise midweek.


You’ll appreciate the opportunity to give flight to your ideas and to feel a little more expressive this weekend. A social or personal venture could blossom. For some, this week will be all about work and the chance to voice your ideas more.


You’ll enjoy sprucing up your home, health and wellbeing; and seeing your home as your castle. A connection with your past may be significant. Financial or personal news midweek will encourage you to be more communicative and outgoing.


The alignment of the Sun in your sign with Mercury midweek will bring key personal, health or work matters to bear. You may be pleased with developments. Beforehand, you may enjoy the chance to socialise, travel or to network.


You could make great progress this week. It’s a case of being willing to be a little more outspoken, assertive and creative. News to do with work or health midweek may be unusual or will remind you of the past.

By Patsy Bennett

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