Your weekly horoscope for 2 to 8 March

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Everything you need to know for your upcoming week


A fresh work initiative or project could be ideal, but you must ensure you gain all the facts before committing to an agreement. You should begin to experience more stability and security, especially financially, though a mystery may arise first.


A friend or organisation may inspire you to gain ground in your interests and activities. The romantically inclined may find this a particularly inspiring or eye-opening week. Be ready to make changes at work or in your health schedule.


Thursday’s Pisces New Moon signals the chance to broaden your horizons. For some this will be via a relationship; for others it may arise through work, study, a spiritual encounter, a trip, or a legal matter. Be inspired, but ensure you’re practical, too.


You’ll relish the impression that life’s many developments and pathways are beginning to represent more stability and security. You could see a fresh start in the area of work or home.


You’re likely to enter fresh territory this week, possibly in association with someone close or a partnership. Be ready to make agreements that are mutually beneficial. Do not be afraid to ask for clarity where there is uncertainty.


A fresh partnership, business or personal, is on the way, especially if you were born September 8th-10th. All Virgos will relish the chance to revitalise a relationship, move into a fresh work phase, or boost health and wellbeing.


A fresh daily routine may appeal. Ensure you are being realistic with your work and domestic plans. A fresh health or beauty treat could suit you or someone close. A partner’s changing circumstances may have a strong influence now.


Thursday’s New Moon will kick-start a fresh phase in your personal life. Singles should mingle: you may meet a romantic character. Creative or spiritual Scorpios could deepen your interests. A fresh work schedule or healthier phase will appeal.


This is an excellent week to consider how you might beautify or change your domestic circumstances. Spiritual Sagittarians may find this a truly inspiring and uplifting week. Investment in yourself and your environment will be enriching.


Domestic and personal peace, calm, stability and security will increasingly appeal. You may need to change some aspects of your life to ensure you gain these qualities. Talks, a trip or negotiations this week will set the ball rolling.


Thursday’s New Moon will be in your money zone, and signals the chance to establish a solid budget. Avoid ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes. A development in your personal life may be ideal; but if not, focus on building yourself a solid foundation.


This week’s Pisces New Moon signals the chance to boost your appearance, profile, wellbeing and also romance. You’ll find out if you’ve been unrealistic about someone or a venture. If so, you’ll get the chance to focus on building more security.

By Patsy Bennett

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