How to pull off tonal dressing like a celeb

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Tonal dressing is so hot right now, and considering that it’s both slimming and stylish, it’s not hard to see why.
Tonal dressing is one of the simplest ways to look stylish in a flash. By tonal, we mean wearing the same colour from head to toe, or layering pieces in the same hue. Tonal dressing streamlines your silhouette for a slim, sleek look, and gives you a polished finish. But before you raid your wardrobe for samey colours and mash them together to work the trend, there are a few points to take into consideration. Here’s our guide to nailing the look.

Incorporate various textures 

Working different textures into your tonal outfit keeps it from looking one-dimensional. By incorporating different textures, each item becomes easily distinguishable, even though you’re wearing layers in the same colour or shade. Warm winter textures such as quilting, fur and suede are good combinations. Complete the look with a pair of winter boots in a suede finish, and embellish with hardware metals and a light, flirty scarf.

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Use accessories for emphasis

Adding a few accessories to your tonal outfit won’t make it less impactful; in fact, it gives the look more emphasis. A handbag, belt, or a pair of shoes in a contrasting colour or print is all fair game for cracking a bold tonal dress code.

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Play with shades

Play with various shades, tints and tones of the same colour to add interest to your look and draw attention to the different pieces. A trio of pinks is soft, romantic and dreamy. Create an ombré effect by starting with the darkest shade at the top and working your way down to a lighter shade, or wear the bolder shades underneath layers to keep the tone soft and girly.

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Add denim for an all blue look

Dress in denim to match your moody blues. Dark blue denim works well for smart occasions, and it's a safe bet if you’re new to tonal dressing, as it creates a strong, universally flattering look. For casual occasions, use a washed-out denim for a slight change in tone.

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Fashion direction & production: Brittany Penebre. Photography: Andrè Wepener/Pixel Lounge, Getty Images. Styling: Rushana Burton

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