Your weekly horoscope for 13 to 19 April

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Everything you need to know for your upcoming week


To gain a sense of accomplishment, aim to overcome a battle of wills in practical, assertive and kind ways. You are supported by those who matter. A lovely break will be well deserved. A fresh phase in a partnership will begin.


A lovely get-together will nurture the soul. You may feel challenged to be the best you can be; to overcome other people’s narrow-mindedness and, along the way, to show just how wonderful you are. A new work or health phase will begin.


Certain duties will need to be completed; and you will rise to the challenge. Luckily, an upturn on Sunday will please you and Friday’s Full Moon will spotlight the need for more balance in your family, creativity or your love life.


You are a master at asserting yourself, especially when you feel challenged. Ensure this week that you are not tempted to forego your values in your effort to defend your actions. A friend, expert or authority figure will support you.


The easy way to move forward this week is to agree with everyone! But you have principles, and these will be put to the test. You will need to uphold them, although not without good cause. Be guided by your values.


You’ll enjoy a lovely get-together with someone special this weekend. Avoid a battle of egos but be ready to maintain your principles. A trip or financial commitment may require a tweak. Your creativity and love life could blossom, so take the initiative.


Friday’s Libra Full Moon will kickstart a fresh phase in your personal life. Approach talks and domestic arrangements carefully with a view to a better future. A work or health matter should progress for the better, despite initial hiccups.


This weekend, plan to work on good relationship skills to avoid burning bridges with someone important. You’ll enjoy a change of pace. Finances are best approached carefully early in the week. Aim to find more balance at work and health-wise.


Disagreements can arise from fundamentally different values. Take your time to work out which battles you will fight; and which are simply a case of large egos and small minds. Avoid locking horns. Spend time with those you love.


You will enjoy the company of a loved one, although some logistics this weekend may be tougher than expected such as a change of environment. Consider adopting a fresh perspective to someone at work or at home to find balance.


You’ll enjoy a reunion and the chance to catch up at work. You may need to compromise your plans or attend to logistics, so be practical. Keep an eye on finances midweek. A venture, trip or study will provide more balance in your life.


You’ll enjoy catching up with loved ones this weekend. Your relationship with a group or friend may by trying, but if you remain true to yourself, you will overcome challenges. You’ll gain balance in a shared financial or personal matter.

By Patsy Bennett

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