Match your winter style with your city: we're looking at you Cape Town, Durban & Jozi

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Dress to suit the kind of winter your city experiences, with different looks to keep you warm wherever you are in South Africa.
From city to city, the South African winter varies dramatically. Here, we focus on three major cities – Cape Town, Durban and Joburg – to make sure you’re dressed to suit your local weather – be it rain, wind, frost or snow. 


Challenge: Rain, rain and more rain. Solution: Practical dressing.
If you live in Cape Town you’ll be well acquainted with a winter season dominated by cold, wet days, which means you need to think practically a lot of the time when it comes to dressing for your day ahead. Hooded and water-resistant jackets paired with denims and some killer boots should be considered your winter wardrobe staples.

Cape Town LOOK 1

Cape Town LOOK 2


Challenge: Humidity levels. Solution: Light layering.
Durban tends to be a bit warmer – and a lot more humid – than anywhere else in the country during the winter months. It's chilly in the mornings but often heats up as the day progresses, making it tricky to know what to wear. Dress in layers for comfort and ease. A dress with a leather jacket or a puffer gilet that you can simply take off when you need is the perfect combo.

Durban LOOK 1

Durban LOOK 2


Challenge: Unpredictable but very cold weather. Solution: Heavy layering.
Joburg is famous for its dry and sunny yet bitterly cold winters. Like Durban, though, Joburg can warm up in the day – just without the humidity. For this reason, layering is key. Fur-lined gilets and jackets are great options, as is a parka jacket, all of which leave room for layering pieces.

Joburg LOOK 1

Joburg LOOK 2

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Photography: Andrè Wepener/Pixel Lounge. Styling: Rushana Burton

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