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Creating a capsule wardrobe for your toddler will ensure they get the most wear out of their clothes, and you’ll save on time and money too.
Originally coined by London boutique owner Susie Faux in the 1970s, the term ‘capsule wardrobe’ is used to describe a selection of timeless, versatile pieces that can work together interchangeably to suit the weather and your lifestyle. We chat to three moms about the challenges they face when shopping for their toddlers, and how implementing this uber-practical Marie Kondo-esque concept helps to simplify their lives.


Nikki Lincoln, owner of style blog, mentioned three significant challenges she faced when creating a capsule wardrobe for her two young girls. Aside from the obvious dilemmas – such as the fact that kids grow at a rapid rate and they’re super tough on their clothes – she also noted that finding budget-friendly, beautiful and durable clothing can be tricky.


• If your child has a younger sibling, shop accordingly. ‘Splurge on the nice jackets, thick stockings, well-made Wellingtons,’ advises Nikki. ‘When they outgrow them, pack them away for their baby brother or sister. It's expensive upfront, but these higher-ticket items are usually very well made and come in the kind of neutral colours that will allow for a lot of mixing.’
• Don't spend a lot on leggings. ‘They just don't last. No matter how your child plays, the leggings will tear, fray and stain. Opt for budget leggings in basic shades like black, navy and grey. They're easier to mix and match, and will work well for spring, autumn and winter.
• Don't limit yourself to a gender-specific aisle. ‘When shopping for hoodies for my girls, I found that the more versatile grey and black shades I wanted were non-existent in the girls section, but plentiful in the boys’ section.’
• Think in terms of bottoms and tops and not specific outfits. ‘I find that choosing seven bottoms (leggings, skirts, tracksuit bottoms) first, helped me to pick the right mix of tops, jerseys and hoodies.’

Former fashion stylist and mom to a five-year-old and one-year-old triplets, Kim Gray (@kimgrayza) identifies with moms who tend to buy items just because they’re on sale or look cute. The problem with this kind of shopping, however, is that you end up with a bunch of clothes that just don’t work well together.


• Create a capsule wardrobe board on Pinterest. ‘It might sound extreme, but this way I can see how their clothes work together and what they are lacking.’
• Stick to a colour palette. ‘That way, anyone from your toddler to their dad can pull items out of the cupboard that work well together.’
• Consider the texture and feel of fabrics. ‘Stiff, scratchy fabrics get the tantrums started, whereas softer materials win every time. My five-year-old doesn’t get very hung up about what he wears, but texture is important,’ says Kim. ‘He’ll happily wear jeans though, which I love as they are sturdy (Harry tears through clothes at the knees in a second), and jeans give that cool-appeal and work well with everything.’

Jenna McArthur, owner of Jenna McArthur PR (@_jennamcarthur), recently gave birth to a baby girl, and has made a concerted effort to invest in quality items that will stand the test of time.


• Invest in high-quality, long-lasting pieces that are timeless and trans-seasonal. ‘For me, fashion and putting together your little one's wardrobe is about smart investments that can take you from one season to the next. I always buy one size up so that the pieces last – I believe in a minimalist approach to all things baby; you only need a few essentials that can be styled and worn with seasonal pieces.’
• Choose clothing that can be styled in different ways. ‘We love bloomers as I pair them with tights in winter and bare legs in the summer. Other key pieces in Noa’s wardrobe are jumpers and rompers – they are perfect for summer and in winter we simply layer, layer, layer,’ says Jenna. ‘The benefit of a capsule wardrobe for your children is that you have versatile pieces of clothing that can be mixed and matched together easily. My approach is less is more. We have a few staple items that are easily interchangeable and our colour palette is mostly neutral. We often think comfort and practicality over style but I say, “why not both?”’
• Spend money on base layer bodysuits. ‘These are your foundation pieces and the perfect base layer for winter, and they work under daytime clothing too – on their own in summer with little bloomers, or as an extra layer at night,’ says Jenna. ‘Rompers, leggings and onesies are a must, and my all-time favourite is bonnets – great for sun protection in summer and keeping your little one warm in winter. Essentially, the capsule wardrobe is about basics. Style comes in with accessorising, layering and how you pair looks together. Select pieces that can withstand wear and tear, and when you find a brand you love and trust for their quality and fit, stay with it.’


✔ 2 long-sleeved T-shirts
✔ 2 interchangeable track sets
✔ 1 thick jersey
✔ 2 pairs jeans
✔ 1 puffer gilet
✔ 1 pair corduroy pants/chinos
✔ 1 hardwearing coat or puffer jacket
✔ 2 pyjama sets
✔ 2 pairs sneakers
✔ 1 pair boots
✔ 2 beanies
✔ 5 pairs socks
1. 123 Toddlers striped beanies (set of 2) 79.95 2. 123 Toddlers nude faux-fur beanie 89.95 3. 123 Toddlers cotton blend socks (set of 5) 79.95 4. 123 Toddlers lace-up boots 99.95 5. 123 Toddlers velcro-strap boots 99.95 6. 123 Toddlers velcro-strap boots with faux fur 99.95 7. 123 Toddlers printed long-sleeved top 59.95 8. 123 Toddlers puffer gilet 169.95 9. 123 Toddlers drawstring trousers 99.95 10. 123 Toddlers dinosaur tracksuit 249.95 11. 123 Toddlers long-sleeved top 69.95 12. 123 Toddlers paint-splatter detail denims 169.95 SHOP NOW 13. 123 Toddlers puffer jacket 129.95 14. 123 Toddlers dinosaur tracksuit 189.95 15. 123 Toddlers colour-block top 119.95 16. 123 Toddlers denims with braces 179.95

✔ 1 knit jersey
✔ 1 fleece hoodie
✔ 2 interchangeable track sets
✔ 2 casual dresses
✔ 1 fluffy sweater
✔ 1 pretty cardigan
✔ 1 hardwearing coat or puffer jacket
✔ 2 pairs jeans
✔ 1 pack of tights (set of three)
✔ 1 pair sneakers
✔ 1 pair boots
✔ 1 beanie
✔ 1 pack long socks
1. 123 Toddlers glitter high-top boots 89.95 SHOP NOW 2. 123 Toddlers cable knit jersey 139.95 SHOP NOW 3. 123 Toddlers hooded top 129.95 4. 123 Toddlers embroidered detail denims 179.95 SHOP NOW 5. 123 Toddlers corduroy boots 99.95 SHOP NOW 6. 123 Toddlers rib-knit beanie 89.95 7. 123 Toddlers embroidered-detail dress 99.95 8. 123 Toddlers corduroy dress and top set 169.95 SHOP NOW 9. 123 Toddlers stockings (set of 3) 119.95 SHOP NOW 10. 123 Toddlers stockings (set of 3) 119.95 11. 123 Toddlers crew neck top and pants (set of 2) 169.95 12. 123 Toddlers long sleeved t-shirts (set of 2) 119.95 SHOP NOW 13. 123 Toddlers pink zip-up jacket 129.95 14. 123 Toddlers tights (set of 2) 129.95 SHOP NOW 15. 123 Toddlers pom-pom beanie 89.95 16. 123 Toddlers slogan crew neck top 99.95 17. 123 Toddlers distressed denims 179.95
18. 123 Toddlers crew neck top with faux-fur detail sleeves 119.95 19. 123 Toddlers faux-fur boots 99.95 20. 123 Toddlers sherpa toggle jacket 189.95 each SHOP NOW

Photography: Andrè Wepener /Pixel Lounge. Styling: Rushana Burton. Written by Emma Follett-Botha

All items subject to availability. Prices may change.

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