Your weekly horoscope for 18 May to 24 May

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Sunday’s Full Moon will kick-start a fresh phase in your shared assets, finances, duties or shared space. News may be unexpected but should put you back on track in the big picture, even if the opposite seems to be the case initially.


Sunday’s Full Moon signals a fresh chapter in a partnership or agreement (business or personal), especially if it’s your birthday. News may come as a surprise, especially for April-born Bulls. A trip, study or project could be transformational.


Get set to embrace a fresh daily schedule at work or due to changes in health and fitness. This should be a transformative week and may involve a financial review or fresh budget. A group or friend has a surprise mid-week.


Sunday’s Full Moon will spotlight your plans and ideas as you revitalise relationships with those you love. Changes regarding your personal life, property or a project are on the way. A surprise at work or from a friend will open doors.


Sunday’s Full Moon will shine a light on domestic and personal developments. A trip or a key meeting may spell a pleasant change in your daily routine. Developments mid-week will surprise you. You can make great progress at work and health-wise.


Get set to put a fresh agreement in place, or to deepen an existing relationship. A trip may prove to be life-changing. You may be drawn to update digital devices or even a vehicle. A family, creative or personal matter could blossom.


You’re about to turn a corner in a key financial or personal agreement. This is likely to feather your nest at home and could provide long-term security. A partner or colleague may have surprising news mid-week.


Sunday’s Scorpio Full Moon signals a fresh chapter in your personal life, so be ready for change! Developments may be surprising. Positive discussions with a partner or colleague could take you places; literally or figuratively, so be prepared to talk.


Get set to move on from the past. This may be as simple as adopting a fresh health routine; or as complex as leaving a difficult work project. Finances and work are on the up, so take the initiative where you want change.


The Scorpio Full Moon will spotlight your role within a group or with a friend. If you’ve been quiet socially, prepare for a busier time, and vice-versa. You can make great progress with a personal and domestic matter, so be proactive.


Be prepared to reinvent an aspect of yourself involving your career, status or general direction in life. A domestic or work matter could progress swiftly with the right focus, so ensure you are ready to implement changes in these areas.


You’ll feel ready to broaden your interests, such as travel, study and spirituality under Sunday’s Full Moon. Key news may signal a change within an agreement or arrangement, and developments should seal a deal that has been uncertain.

By Patsy Bennett


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