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We’re categorising 11 different styles, for work and the weekend, to make it easier to get the winter pieces you love. Here's your workwear inspo.
We have the looks that will inspire you to update your winter office wardrobe, from smart-casual pieces, to sharp suits and everything in between.
Written by: Emma Follet-Botha


The Smart Casual guy opts for the neat, streamlined chinos of yesteryear, but swaps out formal lace-ups for the freshest white kicks. He knows how to look smart without coming across as old-fashioned. Slick bomber jackets and cable-knit jerseys in dark hues tie this look together.
Stone Harbour jersey 449.95Stone Harbour chinos 359.95; messenger bag 1299.95; Stone Harbour lace-up sneakers 399.95

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Stone Harbour quilted puffer jacket 699.95 SHOP NOW; Stone Harbour flannel shirt 449.95; Stone Harbour denim jeans 599.95 SHOP NOW; Signature lace-up boots 999; laptop bag 599.95


Sometimes suiting up is mandatory but The Corporate Powerhouse doesn’t consider this to be a hassle. In fact, he takes every opportunity to showcase his professionalism with crisp shirts and well-tailored pieces. He chooses to play up the look with a pair of Oxfords or brogues, or plays it down slightly with a loafer.
T.M. Lewin suit blazer from 6099.99; T.M. Lewin formal shirt from 899.99; T.M. Lewin suit trousers from 2999.99; Steve Madden formal shoes 1699


The Prepster takes vintage dressing seriously. He favours collegiate-wear but enjoys experimenting with slightly alternative colours and patterns to keep the ensemble en vogue. A canvas backpack teamed with a pair of chinos, a shirt and pullover is a staple look.
Signature textured blazer 1499.95; Signature pullover knit 349.95 SHOP NOW; Signature slim-fit shirt 399.95 SHOP NOW; Signature trousers 449.95

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Signature checked shirt 499.95; Signature pullover knit 349.95; Signature trousers 399.95; backpack 499.95; Signature lace-up boots 999 SHOP NOW


The Sharp Suiter always dresses to impress. He might rock a deconstructed suit with the addition of a bowtie one moment, only to throw on a sophisticated three-piece suit the next.
Signature suit jacket 1499.95; Signature formal shirt 249.95 SHOP NOW; Signature chinos 399.95; Stone Harbour formal shoes 599.91

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Signature suit blazer 1499.95; Signature formal shirt 399.95Signature suit trousers 599.95; Signature lace-up formal boots 999 SHOP NOW


The Classic Man enjoys simple cuts without too much flair. He knows what he likes and doesn’t feel the need to deviate from that aesthetic. A simple pair of embellished jeans or chinos, paired with a polo shirt, clean-lined jacket and simple shoes complete his look.
Polo classic bomber jacket 1699; Polo golfer 699 SHOP NOWPolo dark-wash denims 899; Signature tassel loafers 799 SHOP NOW

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Polo classic bomber jacket 1699; Polo golfer 699 SHOP NOW; Polo long-sleeved shirt 899 SHOP NOW; Polo dark-wash denims 899; xxx shoes xxx


Suave and sophisticated, this look is all about breathing fresh, modern life into the coveted suited-up look. A pair of sneakers coupled with a blazer and matching trousers could be all you need to take it up a notch. Don’t forget to throw on a scarf for good measure.
Signature suit jacket 1499.95; Signature pullover knit 349.95; Signature suit trousers 599.95; crossbody messenger bag 999 SHOP NOWJX sneakers 299.95 SHOP NOW

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Signature suit jacket 1499.95; Signature formal shirt 399.95; Signature suit trousers 599.95; xxx laptop bag 599.95; Signature tassel loafers 799

All items subject to availability. Prices may change.

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