Your weekly horoscope for 1 June to 7 June

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Avoid those unwanted surprises, and rather be in the know. Read your weekly horoscope here.
Everything you need to know for your upcoming week.


A meeting or a trip will provide you with food for thought this weekend, as the prospect to begin a fresh chapter will prove to be enticing. It’s vital to get a key financial decision right, so ensure you do your research.


A choice concerning finances, a project or a close relationship will merit careful consideration, as you embark on a fresh chapter in either one, or all, of these areas. Look for upbeat solutions; you may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.


Monday’s Gemini New Moon signals a fresh chapter in your personal life, especially if it’s your birthday. An area you share, such as your finances or daily duties, should improve and provide direction. Avoid dramas with careful negotiations.


You’ll appreciate the opportunity to socialise and network more. In addition, Monday’s New Moon signals a fresh health or work schedule, with the chance for a more varied daily routine. Keep communication channels open for best results.


Get set for more variety and a faster pace over coming days, as the New Moon in Gemini will re-invigorate your work, relationships and could even open new doors, as a fresh activity or project is in the air.


Monday’s New Moon will bring the opportunity to broaden your horizons through travel, study or spirituality. You’ll enjoy the company of someone you value, or at least the chance to gain insight into a key relationship or venture.


Monday’s New Moon will spotlight shared duties and agreements; you may be ready to change some arrangements. Romance could blossom; if you’re single, you may meet someone charming this weekend. A key decision will come down to practicalities.


Monday’s New Moon signals a fresh agreement within an arrangement. You may be ready to agree to something new, either in your personal life or professionally. Finances and work could blossom; you may be ready for a healthy new routine, too.


Changes at work or health-wise will be revitalising. Get set for a fresh chapter in a partnership (business or personal), especially if you were born in November. If you’re single, and born early December, you may meet someone new.


You’ll appreciate the chance to enjoy a more varied week; to indulge in your favourite activities and a fresh health schedule. This weekend, a creative activity should be enjoyable; romance, art and music could all blossom under these stars.


You’ll gain ground with a personal or creative venture, even if you simply begin to see things from a fresh perspective. A reunion, a return to an old haunt or the chance to spruce up your home and family dynamics will appeal.


A change within your domestic dynamics may be bitter-sweet - with a surprise attached. A trip or visit may be ideal but also may draw on your inner resources. Socialising and networking should be productive and enjoyable, so take the initiative.

By Patsy Bennett

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