Your weekly horoscope for 11 May to 17 May

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Everything you need to know for your upcoming week.


You should receive positive news regarding work, your status or finances, which will encourage you that you’re on the right path. You can instigate changes relatively easily this week, so ensure you take the initiative. You’ll also enjoy get-togethers.


The recent New Moon is still having a revitalising effect, bringing new plans your way and encouraging you to broaden your horizons. You could stride ahead with exciting plans such as travel, study, spiritual endeavours and even legal matters.


You should make great progress with a collaboration (business or personal), even if some tweaks or general reviews are necessary. You could reach a position where you feel more confident about your talents and skills. A reunion should be enjoyable.


You’ll enjoy getting together with lovely people this weekend, which should relieve some of the recent pressures. You can make some wonderful connections at work and socially. A trip or venture could be transformational, so make plans for an adventure.


Your work and interests could take off this week. A trip or study will be ideal for boosting your knowledge and understanding of a favourite topic. You may need more information at work or regarding health, and this is an ideal week for research.


You should find a form of resolution regarding a difficult relationship this week. At the very least, pressure should ease. A lovely friend, partner or colleague will prove their weight in gold. Romance could blossom, so organise a treat.


Positive developments with someone special, such as a partner or a colleague, will provide incentive to chase a goal. Tension that has infused a relationship should ease and a more stable and secure feeling should replace it, especially at home.


Your fortunes are on the up this week, especially if you focus at work and avoid arguments. The key to your success lies in your ability to communicate well and to include others in your plans. Romance could blossom as a result.


A step-by-step approach to attaining goals, especially at work and health-wise, will pay off. Avoid putting too much pressure on yourself. Allow a natural dynamic to infuse your daily life, and you will stride ahead. A domestic development may be ideal.


A methodical and structured approach to events will reap rewards. A friend, partner or family member may have good news. Romance may blossom; and a trip or a meeting could represent an ideal outcome for all your hard work.


Aspects of your past may land right back in the present this week. Health and work will deserve careful attention. You could make great progress with a domestic matter, and a reunion or a return to an old haunt may be significant.


You’ll enjoy socialising and networking. Constructive work meetings will illuminate a positive path ahead. If you feel your values are not being honoured, avoid arguments and look for solutions instead. You may enjoy a beauty or a health boost.

By Patsy Bennett

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