Your weekly horoscope for 25 May to 31 May

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Avoid those unwanted surprises, and rather be in the know. Read your weekly horoscope here.
Everything you need to know for your upcoming week.


This week’s events should contribute to the clear direction you’re looking for, as a pleasant development or surprise will give you the confidence or knowledge to make the right choice. News towards Friday will be the icing on the cake.


You will progress with your ventures, perhaps even in surprising ways, and will overcome delays and a lack of information. News or financial improvements will be encouraging; and the chance to plan ahead more confidently will arise.


You’ll be in a much stronger position by Friday, as information and developments this week will provide direction, especially to do with shared areas in life such as finances, duties, relationships and space at home. Key news on Friday will seal the deal.


You’ll enjoy socialising this weekend. This week’s success revolves around your negotiation and communication skills, especially with friends and organisations. A fresh arrangement regarding health, work or a new daily schedule will emerge.


You’ll feel motivated to update your work or health schedule so your activities align better with your priorities and plans. You’ll gain the information you need to do this. Key developments on Friday will provide clarity about where to place your loyalties.


You’ll enjoy a new activity or meet a fresh circle of friends; you may be pleasantly surprised by events. A creative and upbeat approach to your ventures and relationships will cut through tension. A trip or visit on Friday will be illuminating.


A change of place or of pace this weekend will be exciting and revitalise a close relationship. A planned trip or change at home may present logistical conundrums, but if you plan ahead carefully, circumstances should flow by Friday.


A change of routine or at work may come as a surprise. Conversations and negotiations early in the week may be more complex than you’d hope, but you should, by Friday, reach an amicable outcome. Romance could blossom.


You’ll appreciate the chance to do something different this weekend. Approach financial and shared matters carefully to avoid mix-ups early in the week. Your creative side will emerge during the week. A clear decision regarding someone close will arise.


Developments this week will clarify where to devote more time and energy. Initially, time for family and friends will be a must; then work, health and wellbeing must be attended to. A development towards Friday will be conclusive.


Fun or surprising developments this weekend should be enjoyable. Take the time early in the week to decide your priorities. This is a good week for health appointments. You may experience a financial or ego boost; a work and domestic improvement.


Continue on the path you’ve chosen if you are convinced your ideas are valid, despite adversity. But if you’re open to new input, you may choose a new path by Friday. A trip or a surprise get-together this weekend will be enjoyable. 

By Patsy Bennett

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