Make bedtime more fun with these cute PJs for kids

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Give your kids something to look forward to at bedtime with these gorgeous animal-print pyjamas.
There are few things as comforting as climbing into a brand new pair of comfy pyjamas. Let your kids in on this simple pleasure with colourful, animal-inspired PJs that make going to bed feel less like a boring chore and more like a mini adventure.
Written by Candice Verwey

Lets face it, putting your kids to bed can be a real tough task – no one wants to go to sleep when there’s still so much fun to be had, right? We’ve got your back with a range of cosy and cute pyjamas that make bedtime a treat. Your only problem might be getting your kids to take them off in the morning!
KDS dinosaur-print PJ set 199.95; KDS dinosaur-print gown 269.95; slippers stylist's own
KDS bunny-print PJ set 199.95; KDS bunny-print gown 199.95; KDS bunny slippers 139.95

Fashion direction & production: Brittany Penebre. Photography: Jacobus/Hero creative. Hair & make-up: Shahnaz Cola Wrensch/Supernova. Styling: Rushana Burton. Models: Amy/Firefly, Nahum/Topco.

All items subject to availability. Prices may change.

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