Your weekly horoscope for 15 June to 21 June

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Avoid those unwanted surprises, and rather be in the know. Read your weekly horoscope here.
Everything you need to know for your upcoming week.


Key domestic and career matters will keep you on your toes. News and negotiations will determine your steps for some months to come. A reunion or an ideal opportunity will raise your morale. A mystery or conundrum will require careful analysis.


Monday’s Full Moon will signal the beginning of a fresh cycle in the way you share your space, duties or even finances. You may be ready to renegotiate certain terms and conditions in an agreement. Meetings or a trip will be a catalyst.


Monday’s Full Moon signals a fresh chapter in a key relationship, especially if it’s your birthday. All Geminis will be in a position to renegotiate and renew certain arrangements that could provide more security. But you must be super-clear about terms.


Get set for a revitalising new work schedule or health routine. A new understanding with someone important could be ideal, but this will depend on correct facts and figures. A reunion will be a catalyst, especially for early-to-mid-July Crabs.


A change in your daily routine could be refreshing. You’ll enjoy reconnecting with favourite people and activities and forging strong relationships. A fresh chapter is about to begin in your personal life, home or creativity. Ensure agreements are clear.


Monday’s Full Moon signals a fresh chapter regarding family, home or property. Special connections will be significant, and you could forge a lovely tie with someone special. You may need to retrace your steps in order to move ahead.


Changes in your status, at home and/or at work will provide excitement this week, and many developments will revolve around people you already know. For some Librans however, a key meeting with someone new could signal a fresh direction.


A trip or news will be a catalyst to developments that could take you further afield into new activities, frontiers or countries. Travel and communications will be on the agenda. For some however, key decisions will revolve around money.


Monday’s Sagittarian Full Moon signals a fresh chapter regarding a personal matter. You may simply decide it’s time for a new look; a fresh haircut or outfit. But for many, this week will see key developments; for some, financially.


Financial and work matters must be decided upon, and these will resonate for some time to come. A partner will have key news, especially for early-to-mid-January Capricorns. A new daily health or work routine may appeal to you now.


Monday’s Full Moon will spotlight your involvement with a friend or organisation. You may discover information that points to a better way forward. A financial matter will be key. Ensure that health and work support your progress; and don’t hinder it.


You’ll appreciate the opportunity to be more adventurous in your life, especially regarding travel, your career and general status. A key relationship may involve the chance for a reunion or to make fresh agreements that underscore your mutual affection.

By Patsy Bennett

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