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The over-the-knee boot is everywhere, from Ariana Grande to Gigi Hadid and JLo. It’s also this month’s fashion focus, where we break down everything you need to know.
Polished, sophisticated and sexy, the over-the-knee boot has been dubbed the chicest shoe of the season.  
Written by Jocelyn Stiebel


Celebrities and street-style stars like Ariana Grande, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner have made thigh-high or over-the-knee (OTK) boots look easy to wear. But this statement boot isn't reserved just for leggy models. Styled with oversized hoodies, skirts and dresses, the OTK boot will transform any woman's winter wardrobe.

The best part? Thanks to a variety of fabrics from patent leather to faux fur, these boots allow you to keep wearing your summer favourites throughout winter.

While we know that this isn’t your average, run-of-the-mill ankle boot, it's surprisingly easy to pull off. Not convinced? Follow these tips to rocking the boldest boot of the season.


1. With a skirt
Oh yes, even in winter. This is a particular favourite amongst French women, and should be your go-to OTK-boot look, especially if you own a black pair. Just chuck on a checked blazer and you’re not only bang on-trend, you also radiate that preppy look.

2. With a jersey dress
The jersey dress and the OTK boot were made for each other. The cosy homeliness of a baggy and warm jersey dress balances out the sass and drama of the OTK boot. For extra style credit, keep your boots, dress and accessories within the same colour palette.

3. A faux-fur coat and skinny jeans
A timeless winter look. The addition of a furry coat and OTK boots instantly ups the ante of those skinny jeans that you usually team with ankle boots (boring!). Trust us on this one.

4. With your favourite hoodie
Nail Ariana Grande’s signature street-style look by teaming an oversized hoodie with a pair of OTK boots for the ultimate in casual cool!

Tips to remember when choosing and wearing an OTK boot:

1. If you have long, model-like legs then lucky you, no rules apply. If you don’t, then opt for a pair with a heel. OTK boots dominate the lower half of your body, so a heel will help add height and elongate your legs.
2. If you aren’t a stiletto fan, there are a number of stylish OTK boots that have '70s-inspired low heels, or completely flat soles for an equestrian vibe.
3. While we love colourful shoes and boots, we recommend a black pair for a first-time wearer – they’re universally flattering and go with almost any outfit.
4. Deciding on where the boot should finish can be tricky. If you are shorter in stature opt for a pair that finishes just above the knee to maximise your thigh length and make you appear taller. Those that rise well above the knee give a glamorous feel and are ideal for people with long legs.

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