Why denim should be your best friend this season, and forever

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You’re always safe with denim; it will never truly go out of style – and for so many good reasons. Here’s your go-to denim edit.
Denim – where would we be without it? Versatile and stylish, denim has evolved from its humble beginnings as fabric of choice for the working class to a wardrobe staple with serious fashion cred. Whether you wear it head to toe or invest in one key piece, denim should always have a place in your style arsenal. 
Written by Jocelyn Stiebel


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Cute personified, the cropped denim jacket is your go-to denim piece if you’re petite or if oversized clothing really isn’t your thing. This cropped jacket’s distressed detail and raw hemline gives it a little more of an edgy feel, allowing you to pair it with your favourite animal-print heels without feeling OTT.


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You’ve heard of the blue denim and white T-shirt fame, right? Well, now we have a new classic combo in town – blue distressed denims and a white denim jacket. Wear it buttoned up to replace your white tee this winter; or for a truly unique and fashion-forward look, wear nothing underneath and fasten just one of the buttons, baring your shoulders (if you can brave the cold).


Kelso denim jacket 399.95 each; Kelso light-wash skinny jeans 249.95; leopard-print hoop earrings 59.95; stacking rings (set of 5) 59.95; sunglasses stylist’s own

The recent winter in the northern parts of the world saw the resurgence of light-wash denim, a surprising but welcome trend for winter, which usually favours darker clothing. There are so many things we love about light denim – it looks amazing with white (light blue jeans and white sneakers, anyone?); and it forms a great base for a tonal denim outfit. If you’re nervous of your all-light-wash-denim look going horribly awry, just look back to Justin and Britney circa 2001 for all the things NOT to do, and you’ll be fine.


Kelso denim jacket 399.95; Kelso basic T-shirt 99.95; Free 2BU dark-wash denims 249.95; drop hoop earrings 59.95; Sissy Boy lace-up boots 1049 SHOP NOW; patches on denim jacket stylist’s own

Just when we thought we'd seen the last of denim on denim it came right back and hit us in the face, and we're all for it... provided you stick to a few important guidelines! As a general rule of thumb; avoid cowboy hats, cowboy boots, Western belt buckles, aviator sunglasses and denim accessories. Use different denim washes to highlight or streamline body parts as needed – light denim draws attention to the parts of the body it covers, while darker denim creates a slimming effect. Keep it simple with a plain tee or top – don’t overcomplicate with patterns or other types of textured fabric.


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Don't let Mario Brother flashbacks put you off wearing denim overalls (or dungarees, as they're also called). Worn the right way, dungarees can be both cool and chic. We recommend keeping this look for the weekend though, as it gives off very casual vibes. Pair it with your hiking boots, with a cute pair of socks peeping out the top, for a modern take on the trend. The denim overall is also great for layering in winter, with a sweater or polo neck underneath for warmth.

Fashion editor: Brittany Penebre. Photography: Paulo/Hero Creative. Junior fashion editor: Rushana Burton. Hair & Make-up: Shahnaz Cola Wrensch/ SNCM. Model: Amy/Twenty

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