Your weekly horoscope for 27 July to 2 August

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Avoid those unwanted surprises, and rather be in the know. Read your weekly horoscope here.
Everything you need to know for your upcoming week.


Changes at home may involve complex logistics, and yet the long-term picture suggests a therapeutic or a healing outcome. Avoid succumbing to obstacles, and look at the big picture. A key trip or news on Thursday could represent a turning point.


Key news, a trip or developments this week will mean you must be on your toes, as events will take you into fresh territory, or might even take you by surprise. A group, friend or organisation will be supportive.


Developments could spell a little upheaval, especially concerning your finances, self-esteem and groups and organisations you interact with, so think fast and aim to be flexible. You will receive a financial, work or ego boost.


Be prepared to adapt to circumstances. Developments may be out of the blue, or will represent long-term change. A trip, study, spiritual interest or project could be therapeutic, so ensure you take time out and focus on your favourite past-times.


A fresh chapter in your projects or daily routine may be out of the ordinary, or will ask that you draw on your resources. This is a good week to plan to boost health, vitality and fitness levels. A friend, advisor or expert will prove helpful.


You’ll turn a corner at work and could boost your health this week. For some Virgos, a fresh chapter regarding the groups you associate with will begin. You may be surprised by developments. A friend, partner, group or expert will prove supportive.


Thursday’s New Moon signals you’re ready to initiate talks and for agreements that could improve your position, both at work and at home. You may need to accommodate someone’s erratic behaviour. It’s a good week for health appointments.


You’ll gain insight into ways to manage a healthier lifestyle. Thursday’s New Moon points to the merits of a dynamic fresh project even if logistics seem complex. You may experience a boost in wellbeing or will find ways to help someone.


A shared circumstance or personal matter is best navigated patiently; and then you’ll experience the benefits of having done so. Events around Thursday’s Leo New Moon will be motivational, but may also spotlight areas where you could be more flexible.


You’ll appreciate certain domestic or shared circumstances settling down which will feel therapeutic early in the week. Thursday’s New Moon will usher in a more dynamic phase in your personal life, even if someone behaves irrationally initially.


Thursday’s New Moon signals a fresh chapter for January Aquarians in your partnerships (business or personal), which could include a new contract or agreement. For February Aquarians, a fresh work or health routine could be therapeutic.


The New Moon will spotlight matters over which you feel you have little control; and that may surprise you or gain momentum. Take a pause and initiate healthy guidelines that will help you to progress in a more therapeutic way.

By Patsy Bennett

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