5 ways to capture the spirit of the '70s

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We welcome back the '70s with open arms as we break down five of the decade’s most recognisable trends, from oversized sunglasses to paisley prints.
Fashion is cyclical. Just when you thought you would never again see the likes of platform boots, they come back and you’re left scrambling to replace what you gave away years ago. So hold on to your bell-bottoms, the '70s is back!
By Jocelyn Stiebel

A decade of complete freedom and no rules is what defines fashion in the '70s. It was radical, ever changing and spoke for the generation. There were, of course, the iconic looks and trends that were mainstream among the fashion-forward, but there were also those under-the-radar trends that made the '70s so aspirational.

1. Jumpsuits everywhere

The jumpsuit is arguably the most recognisable trend of the '70s. It was so popular that it was acceptable for both daytime casual wear and night-time grooving. Daytime wear saw loose-fitting cotton, double-knit polyester or denim; by night, the fit became tighter and more revealing, in a sleeveless or halter-neck style. Today’s jumpsuits are just as versatile, and look great with bold waist belts to show off your curves.
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2. Print tops

Patterned clothing was all the rage in the '70s – just ask Cher. If you weren’t seen in print, you weren’t seen at all. This vintage Versace-inspired chain print looks effortless with oversized sunglasses and a pair of flared denims – both iconic looks of our favourite decade. And you can’t go wrong with paisley, a print that screams flamboyance and was a firm favourite of '70s icons like David Bowie and The Beatles (so much so that John Lennon even painted his Rolls Royce in the pattern). A paisley print will always add that '70s edge you’re looking for.
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3. Modesty calls

While hot pants, platform knee-high boots and mini skirts are a few of the many daring looks that came out in the '70s, modest necklines, hemlines and silhouettes were favoured by the more traditional. Hemlines that grazed the knee were paired with slouchy boots and wedged heels, and coordinated belts cinched in the waist for a more form-fitting silhouette. Necklines too were humble; if not rising all the way up the neck, then covering the chest with just a hint of the collar bones peeping through.
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4. Boho chic

The hippie movement gained traction and reached its peak in the '60s during anti-Vietnam war protests and carried on through most of the '70s. Ironically, the wearers of the famously loose-fitting, flowy, floral clothes couldn’t have cared less about the fashion world, and yet the fashion world took great notice and began to pave the way for what we now call boho chic.

This style is all about loose-fitting and flowy dresses, Western-inspired accessories, embroidery and earthy tones. Combine these easy-to-wear items and you’re running the boho show.
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5. Animal motif

Rudi Gernreich, costume designer for two of the most iconic movies of the '60s – Basic Black and Mrs Robinson – included animal print in his costume designs for both movies. From there, animal print increased in popularity and became a staple print among designers in the '70s, for everything from jackets and shirts to scarves and handbags. One daring animal print was often paired with another, to create a completely wild look. Complete your animal-print outfit with a wide-brim hat, and you’re channeling the very best of the '70s.
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Fashion editor: Brittany Penebre. Junior fashion editor: Rushana Burton. Photography: Jacques Weyers/Hero Creative. Hair & make-up: Cheryl Parker/SNCM. Model: Nina Henry/Boss

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