Beauty Masterclass: The Mohawk for Natural hair

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The Mohawk is one of the best hairstyles for natural hair. Watch this video tutorial for the steps to create the perfect Mohawk.
The Mohawk might conjure horrific flashbacks but thankfully, over the years, this versatile style has come a long way, varying in colour, style and length. For an easy-to-achieve hairstyle for natural hair, watch the video and start the fun.

Keep Natural Hair Well Conditioned

Applying deep conditioners, masks and oil treatments regularly will help maintain moisture.

Use A Gel That’s Gentle On the Curl

When it comes to styling products, steer clear of products with alcohol and other drying ingredients. Opt for ones that are nourishing.

Use Hair Pins Correctly To Prevent Breakage

Hair pins are meant to be used with the wavy side facing your scalp — the ridges are there to grip your hair and lock everything in place.


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The Perfect Aloe Gel 199.99
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Videographer: Roice Nel. Hair: Merle Titus/Supernova. Make-up: Renee De Wit/Gloss. Model: Andrea/D&A Models. Production: Leila Petersen.

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