Your weekly horoscope for 31 August to 6 September

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Everything you need to know for your upcoming week.


A breakthrough in a work or a personal matter is probable with so many planets currently in Virgo. You will have to move quite fast to make the most of an opportunity which just pops up out of the blue.


Some self-sacrifice is required, especially to help solve a family issue. But with so many ‘earthy’ planets on your side, you can look forward to coming up with practical solutions which ultimately prove to be self-liberating.


A pioneering colleague or friend comes up with an idea that helps your business or any campaigning work with which you’re involved. What seemed like an obstacle in communication can now be used to your advantage.


With so much going for you professionally, the only risk to this is that you exaggerate what can be delivered or done. There’s no need for that. Be very straight with people and you’ll find that they happily accommodate you.


Don’t be afraid to be critical of any plan put to you now. There’s a great chance to move forward into new territory but first it’s important to get things right – and who better than you to spot an error?


The old saying ‘A change is as good as a rest’ is something to bear in mind with the many developments in your life now, especially around the home area. One benefit will be to your finances, so don’t worry.


Despite or because of some conflict between other people in your life, you’re in a position to make progress in your work. It’s not that you’re pulling strings. More that you’re in the right place at the right time.


You much prefer to have a target to work towards – but at the moment, the work situation looks foggy. When in doubt just carry on, that’s the answer. The way forward will become a lot clearer very soon.


Feelings are intense so the danger is that you say or do things, which others see as ‘emotional’. This energy can refresh some relationships but put others at risk. So, try to be self-watchful. Sexually this could be an exciting time.


This is an excellent time to make long-term plans about where you want to live in the future. Pleasant and unexpected events will help you in this process – for many reasons you want to put the past behind you.


Rather than lose sleep over the outcome of a project (patience!), focus a lot more on the people you work with. Who’s on your side? Who’s not? Think about the personnel. Other matters will take care of themselves.


Money discussions dominate life this week – but don’t expect too many clear answers just yet, especially if seeking a loan or raise. Other people want to set the pace. And it might be a good idea to go along with them.

By Victor Olliver

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