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Bras have the ability to make or break your outfit. We bring you the seven bra styles every woman should own for maximum comfort and support.
To go from work to gym to play with ease, you need a variety of bras that provide a comfortable and flattering fit to suit the occasion. With some statistics saying that eight out of 10 women aren’t wearing the correct bra size, it’s essential that you get measured by a professional and find out which bra is not only good for the size of your bust, but the shape too. We’ve rounded up seven must-have bras to invest in, based on your support requirements.
Written by: Emma Follett-Botha


Ideal for: Bigger busts
The soft-cup underwire bra is ideal for bigger-busted women who want to prioritise support. A bigger bust usually means moulding, padding and other push-up features are likely not required.
Playtex 2-pack padded underwire bra (available in nude & black) 419.95; Playtex 2-pack non-padded underwire bra (available in nude & black) 419.95


Ideal for: Smaller busts
The everyday non-underwire bra is usually made of a soft, supple, seam-free nylon material. These are ideal for women who don’t require a lot of support, and for the days when you can’t stand the thought of caging your bust.
Shelley 2-pack non-wired classic bra (available in white & black) 299.95


Ideal for: All busts
T-shirt bras are usually made from a smooth, nylon fabric. Their moulded cups allow for a smoother, rounded silhouette underneath clingy cotton vests, camis and T-shirts. The T-shirt bra is also cut lower than that of the everyday bra, which allows you to wear them with lower-cut tops. Although the T-shirt bra contains underwire, it’s still the one you’re most likely to reach for most days of the week due to its pure versatility.
Shelley 2-pack underwire T-shirt bras (available in white & black) 189.95 SHOP NOW; Free 2BU 2-pack padded non-wire T-shirt bras (available in nude & black) 179.95


Ideal for: Pregnant women
Comfort is key here. Make sure you opt for a bra that has wide straps, wide side bands and a wide under-bust band, with a deep centre at the front. Firm elastic straps eliminate bounce and provide extra support. Look for a maternity bra with a minimum of four hooks, as this will allow your bra to grow with you. As pregnancy causes your body temperature to rise, a natural material like cotton is ideal as it will reduce irritation and allow your skin to breathe.
Playtex 2-pack maternity feeding bras (available in nude & black) 399.95; Shelley 2-pack padded maternity feeding bras (available in nude & black) 279.95


Ideal for: Bigger busts
Bigger busts need bras that offer support and stability, and the shapes that best lend themselves to these features are bras with underwire and a sturdy under-bust band, such as full-cup bras. This style balances out the bust and gives it a rounded shape with fantastic lift.
Playtex underwire minimiser bra 389.95 SHOP NOW; Playtex cross your heart 2-pack lace bra (available in nude & black) 409.95 SHOP NOW; Playtex lace underwire bra 379.95


Ideal for: Any bust
The kind of sports bra required depends on the intensity of the workout you plan to do. Far less support is needed for a session of vinyasa yoga versus a fast-paced treadmill or trail-running session. Underwire sports bras are ideal for women who need the support of a normal bra with the comfort suited to exercise. Most sports bras have removable padding, allowing you to keep the padding or remove it depending on your support requirements.
Shelley seamless sports bra 169.95


Ideal for: Any bust
A multiway bra is a great bra to have in your arsenal as it can accommodate almost any item of clothing, and reduces the need to have many bras for different outfits. Detachable and changeable straps enable you to go from strapless, racerback or halterneck styles with just a few tweaks.
Kangol 2-pack multi-way padded bras (available in nude & black) 199.95


Ideal for: Bigger busts
The deep-plunge is ideal for dresses that are particularly low-cut in the front. You could opt for a multiway with silicone gripping around the band, which will enable you to wear the bra strapless without it slipping, or go for a deep-plunge bra with some lace detail attached to the plunge to vamp up eveningwear.
Shelley 2-pack multi-way deep plunge bras (available in white & black) 199.95


Ideal for: Smaller busts
The push-up bra is best suited to busts that are on the small side as the built-in padding enhances the cleavage, making it perfect for days when you want to wear more revealing blouses or dresses. This style is particularly great for women with asymmetrical busts, as it can even out breast shape and size.

Kangol 2-pack push-up bras (available in white & black) 259.95

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