Your weekly horoscope for 17 August to 23 August

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With a slew of planets entering Virgo, life promises to be fizzy, passionate and anything but dull. A new special friendship (or more) is entirely possible as Mars and Venus merge their energies. You are encouraged to say yes to social invitations.


If recent frantic social activity has left you feeling somewhat jaded and exhausted, yield to instinct and withdraw a little from public gaze to focus on changes taking place in a partnership or financial set-up. The upshot of this is positive.


Any business or campaign you run is under blessed skies as Sun, Venus and Mars form a harmonious link with creative Uranus. The cosmic emphasis is on getting the personnel mix right so that teamwork is improved to serve a common purpose.


This is a dazzling time to clarify a life purpose or make progress in your career. What helps is a touch of originality in how you go about your work – bosses will be impressed and want to make more of you.


You’re in the mood to test yourself. Just how much have you changed? A chance to travel or do something completely different approaches, and you’d be foolish to reject it. New people will inspire creative potential. Go wild. Just a bit.


There’s a strong likelihood of money being freed up to serve a family purpose. Home life may seem erratic, but in the latter half of August you’ll start to see just how refreshing domestic evolution can be, once fears are set aside.


The opposite sex plays a big part in a life development now – in either a personal or business matter or endeavour, as Venus and Mars approach a merger. Potentially there will be sexual sparks, romance or renewed vigour. For once, harmony is indicated.


Despite some long-term uncertainty and turbulence in financial matters, the planets are aligning nicely for profitability from your day-to-day work, arising from your solid, pragmatic approaches to a professional matter, no matter what. New colleagues will also work to your advantage.


Take control because only you have the initiative now. Make the holiday booking or sort out a problem. Don’t complain! The fact is, you’re best placed to play the part of captain – and what helps at this time is your enhanced flexibility.


With ruler Mercury in Leo, people will find you loud, bold-thinking and intellectually creative. Useful people will be impressed by this display. And if you’re seeking to ‘sell’ your talent, it’s hard to see how you can fail. You are irrepressible now.


Seeking to persuade people of the value of something can be a tricky challenge. But how wonderfully equipped you are to win an argument. An inventive and passionate approach helps to secure an agreement despite cynical or sceptical reactions from others.


Your decisive nature is working wonders. A chance to take up a new job, go on a fabulous holiday or take a talent to the next stage beyond expectations should be grabbed with both hands. Not that you need to be told.

By Victor Olliver

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  1. I guess that it is pretty easy to predict your upcoming events without such a horoscope. May people believe it does not work properly.