Your weekly horoscope for 10 to 16 August

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Everything you need to know for your upcoming week.


You’re in the mood for fun – and goodness knows what mischief you’ll get up to. Real life simply cannot supply you with enough drama. So, you have to go and make some of your own. A great time for a holiday.


With Jupiter ending its retrograde this month, start to think big again about the home and family. Dare to imagine beyond your current budget because there’s every indication that you’ll find the money, somehow. Check out style and fashion magazines for inspiration.


Ruler Venus in hot Leo brings an internal climate change and you’re far more likely to demonstrate your feelings in an unusually passionate way or make your feelings known in business. This can take one bond to another level. Or end it!


A financial windfall comes your way, through an income raise or gift. This will help to counter any peculiar or unexpected behaviour in a friend or partner. It could be some kind of jealousy or just down to their indigestion problem.


Recent money worries were largely exaggerated. And Mercury encourages you to focus less on thrift and more on the fun of spending on a dream experience, such as a holiday. Prudence is good but you have to live life to the full.


You’re looking beyond the day-to-day and exploring spiritual or mystical topics. Allow this to grow – don’t worry about what know-all sceptics have to say. Internal adventures of this kind can lift the spirit, broaden perspective and help alleviate stresses and cyclic worrying.


There’s an opportunity to advance a business or campaigning project through new alliances. Explore all the ‘worlds’ within your world because it is through fresh social connections that you’ll find ways to maximise your professional potential. All partnerships are now favoured.


Dynamic chart energies point to a career advantage. If you serve a public duty, look out for promotion. If you’re feeling much frustration in your work, restriction is the problem. This is the time to start actively looking for new opportunities.


Much restless energy is abundant in you – your soul wants to soar to new places. Travel is one obvious solution. But what if that’s not practical? Then continue to stretch boundaries in your work and take a (responsible) risk or two.


If people continue to mystify you, then read a book on psychology. If a tax assessment makes no sense, investigate. If a special relationship has its hiccups, set aside time for in-depth discussion. Fortune will favour you when a matter is investigated.


A new love or special bond remains on the cards until December of this year, if you’re seeking it. Life progress now is dependent on a special someone – be this business or pleasure. Negotiate, compromise and push your interests through partnerships.


If there’s been recent frustration in your work life, or perhaps a health setback, Jupiter’s change of direction sets you on a path of resolution or healing, no matter what. This benefits not just your wellbeing but also your bank balance.

By Victor Olliver

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