Your weekly horoscope for 28 September to 4 October

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New Moon in your sign is a special time to resolve to start afresh in one life area, whether this is work, friendships or career. An image makeover, such as a change in hair colour or designer label, will impress.


Your power at present resides behind the scenes, working quietly and unseen. Are you plotting? Not exactly. But to achieve an objective you must not attract attention to yourself. As a secretive and discreet person, this should be simple enough.


While you can be clumsy in what you say to some people – perhaps you’re a little honest at times – the current cosmic trends favour your business, charitable or political aims. Cash flow should improve by working on key relationships.


The spotlight shines on you, most probably in your career or in any public role you perform. Colleagues will prove to be supportive and even rivals will spot a personal advantage in being nice to you. So that makes a change!


An opportunity arises to travel and experience something entirely novel to you, thanks to the New Moon whose effects last about a fortnight. This could lead to a practical advantage or at least a sense of renewal, which boosts morale.


Look out for a slightly older and wiser soul who’s drawn to you. Could this be The One? Probably not. But much can be gained from a new association to help you in a career matter. Sound advice opens your mind.


There’s no point pretending that work life has not had its problems with likely disagreements being the main problem. To resolve these, hold to your guns and impress on others that you are confident of your views. You are being tested.


Take time out to give greater thought to health and wellbeing. Not because there’s necessarily a problem but to remind yourself that part of feeling good is making time to restore energies. A gym or spa visit should do it.


October marks a time of much greater engagement in work or family life. You’re rediscovering a passion to do something which may help lift a financial or professional sense of malaise. Remember that versatility and flexibility are your strength.


The domestic theme of your chart continues with the latest New Moon. Its influence favours family get-togethers, the building of bridges with awkward loved ones and interior d├ęcor initiatives. Cancerians are natural home-makers, so you’re in your element.


Normally you’re clear and emphatic in your views. But now you’re advised to be a little crafty and don’t tell everyone your business. Place a veil over a certain matter, probably financial. An air of discretion works to your advantage.


Your analytical mind is focused on finances – and a blending of ruler Mercury and Venus boosts your shrewdness to spot a business potential or an opportunity to make more money. But don’t be slow to move. No time for hesitation.

By Victor Olliver

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