Your weekly horoscope for 2 to 8 November

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Avoid those unwanted surprises, and rather be in the know. Read your weekly horoscope here.
Everything you need to know for your upcoming week.


Persuasive skills are at maximum as Scorpio Sun links with intuitive Neptune, favouring love, artistic or sporty interests. Someone is about to fall under your spell so it’s down to you to be responsible, which of course you always are!


A change of image is forecast with fashion-conscious Venus moving into your sign for four weeks. How you come across to others plays a crucial role in your progress, so take advice from those who know about style and self-marketing.


Pressure to make a decision about a domestic matter or personal finances may put a strain on patience. Things are not so bad. Try to think outside boxes and approach an issue laterally – this way you find an answer.


Business of any kind gets a boost from Venus’ presence in your horoscope chart house for a month. Cash flow should improve. And if you need to forge new alliances, opportunity will draw you to like-minded people who can be useful.


Get ready to travel! The omens point to an exciting journey, either now or in the near future. If this is news to you, surprising Uranus brings you the unforeseen opportunity. But double-check plans. Please take nothing for granted.


What you need now is a dose of new people in your life to revive a sense of adventure. Events in the next three weeks will bring to you one, two or three ‘unusual’ people who will enlarge your sense of possibilities.


Money matters are under favourable skies as cash planet Venus moves towards slower-moving lucky Jupiter. A gift may improve your financial status, or a chance arises to advance business interests. Stay flexible in your thoughts as a new life is prepared.


Watch out for a significant new relationship which has a romantic or business focus. This year is all about advancement through the people you know well, and Venus opposite your sign is a high point for developing a close bond.


Feeling stuck between a rock and hard place, especially where authority figures or family are concerned? Just accept for now that some people are acting as if they are from Planet X and can never be understood. Live and let live.


A property or home concern can be resolved simply by ignoring the usual ‘rules’ (but not laws!) and finding your own way to a resolution. Perhaps a direct and informal conversation is better than talking through reps, like lawyers.


You’ve set your mind on a certain course of action. But have you properly considered the financial side? Try to avoid starting anything you’re not likely to be able to finish. A very practical approach is bound to succeed.


If you give a lot more thought to personal sensitivities of loved ones or work colleagues – instead of just throwing the rule book at them – you’ll be able to sort out a problem. One unlikely outcome is good financial news.

By Victor Olliver

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