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Back to school need not be so stressful! With these back-to-school basics, from lunch boxes to PE kits and shiny shoes, your kids will be sorted for the 2020 academic year.
From crisp new uniforms and shining shoes to the perfect PE kit, getting ready for the new school year has never been this much fun! Make sure to add these essentials to your back-to-school shopping list.
Written by Owethu Bobotyane


Comfortable school shorts and skirts and a good pair of shoes are the back-to-school essentials your kids need. Ensure they stay cool and comfortable during the warmest term of the year with light and breezy cotton shirts.
(From left to right) Girl: short-sleeve shirt from 89.95; school skirt from 79.95; school anklet socks from 89.95; girls' school shoes from 299.95 Boy: short-sleeve shirt from 89.95; school pants from 159.95 Boy: long-sleeve rolled up school shirt from 99.95; school shorts from 59.95; school anklet socks from 89.95; boys' school shoes from 299.95 Girl: short-sleeve school shirt from 89.95; school skirt from 79.95; girls' school shoes from 299.95

(Above left, from left to right) Boy: long-sleeve shirt rolled up from 99.95; school socks from 89.95; boys' school shoes from 299.95 Girl: short-sleeve shirt from 89.95; school skirt from 79.95; school anklet socks from 89.95; girls' school shoes from 299.95 Boy: long-sleeve rolled up school shirt from 99.95; school shorts from 159.95; school knee-high socks from 89.95; boys' school shoes from 299.95 Girl: short-sleeve school shirt from 89.95; school skirt from 79.95; school anklet socks from from 89.95; girls' school shoes from 299.95; hair accessories from 29.95


Stationery, textbooks and a snack box – just a few of the many things that will be thrown into school backpacks. Invest in a sensible size and good quality to make sure it sees your child through the school year. If the weight of the bag is putting strain on your child, opt for one on wheels instead. With long school days and plenty of after-school activities, you'll need to find a clever lunchbox solution. Whether it's a compact cooler bag or a multi-storage snack box, the brighter, the better! 
(From left) short-sleeve shirt from 89.95; school shorts from 79.95; school anklet socks from 89.95; school shoes from 89.95; short-sleeve shirt from 89.95; school skirt from 79.95; school anklet socks from 89.95; school shoes from 299.95
(Above left) Backpacks from 129.95; fashion backpacks from 259.95; Pro-Action backpack from 159.95; Nike backpack from 399.95; Puma backpack from 359.95; Hi-Tec backpack from 249.95; Reebok backpack from 249.95; Adidas backpack from 349.95; Bronx trolly backpack from 999.95; trolley backpacks from 299.95; character trolly backpacks from 299.95 (Above right) assorted lunch bags from 79.95 (less 25%*); lunch boxes from 99.95 (less 25%*); assorted water bottles from 69.95 (less 25%*)

*While stocks last. Ends 14 January.


School and sports shoes endure the most wear and tear, so choosing good quality and comfort is key.
(Above right, from left) Adidas junior sneakers from 649.95Hi-Tec sneakers from 399.95Reebok teen boys' sneakers from 599.95Toughees school shoes from 239.95Buccaneer school shoes from 279.97Grasshopper shoes sneakers from 519.95


Make sure your child is always punctual for soccer practice or extra maths by getting them a watch. A hardy, water-resistant one is a good idea – especially for kids who are used to using their phones to check the time.
Basic T-shirt (2-pack) from 119.95; plain PT shorts from 59.95; watches from 159.95

Photographer: Stan Kaplan/Red Hot Ops. Fashion director: Francois Ferriera/Red Hot Ops. Hair & make-up: Renate Willems/Red Hot Ops. Stylist assistant: Carel Combrink. Intern: Siyanda Mzuku/Red Hot Ops. Models: Sisa Ncube/Pro Kids; Jonathan Lottering/X Factor; Tyresse Mentoor/Pro Kids; Reese van Dassie/Kingklip; Ziara Brg/Kids on Camera; Kiera Manso/Kids on Camera; Seth Corry/Chrome; Tiffany Molefe/Kingklip; Taylor Rutherford/Steele; Anatayze Johnson/Kids on Camera. 

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