Your weekly horoscope for 11 January to 17 January 2020

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Astrology fans, read your weekly horoscope here to avoid any unwanted surprises, and to know what to expect in the upcoming week. 
Everything you need to know for your upcoming week.


Have you noticed how everyone seems on edge? That’s because of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. And you’re no different. Do not fear the making of an important decision that affects your whole life. Soon enough you’ll start to feel the benefit.


An extravagant time ahead as Venus changes signs. This provides the feel-good factor but also a potential headache when the monthly credit card bill arrives. If you have the impulse to spend, at least keep a record to maintain control.


No one can complain about your zeal to promote a cause. Just be careful of the fine line between passion and extremism. A powerful planetary combination gives you a tremendous chance to make your point effectively and sway people.


With a career or life direction question reaching maximum power, Venus slips into the chart house of caring. So, whatever you’re up to, remember to consider how others will feel about anything you do. Sensitivity helps you reach your goal.


It’s natural for you to think of how the bills get paid in any venture. Thank goodness someone does. Ruler Venus urges you to ponder on the funding side of any venture and seek out people who will be your ally.


Rarely have your thoughts been so focused on material and/or spiritual resources. It’s as if you’re planning a new journey and considering what you need to reach a destination. Resources may be limited yet you have the willpower to get there.


‘Live and let live’ is the best approach to the various problems you are encountering in your immediate circle. It’s tempting to show everyone the door but that’s not realistic. Just accept that other people work differently from you.


Hopes of a quiet start to the year are quickly dashed as a disorderly queue forms to make demands on your attention. Yes, you’re everyone’s agony aunt – especially at work or home. Watch out for someone trying to abuse your good nature.


A large corporation or collective of people do not see things as you do, and you’re not someone who yields to mere might. Draw on your superb critical skills to spot a fatal flaw in your opponent’s argument.


For a long time, you have felt burdened by a domestic situation. Yet the Saturn-Pluto merger leaves you grateful for the support and reliability of loved ones. Very soon, you’ll see how a problem can be turned to your advantage.


Idle talk could cost an alliance or two. Your mental curiosity is high now and is best used to further your education in some way. With mental energy at maximum, use it to acquire knowledge which can be turned to power.


You are far from broke, but once you accept that finances must be put on a new footing, you’ll soon start to feel comfortable again with new opportunities. It’s all about managing expectations and knowing that you are in control.

By Victor Olliver

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