Your weekly horoscope for 25 to 31 January 2020

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Astrology fans, read your weekly horoscope here to avoid any unwanted surprises, and to know what to expect in the upcoming week.
Everything you need to know for your upcoming week.


Someone’s going to try to sell you an idea that’s pure fantasy. The wise will see this coming and show the con merchant the door. But with Venus (money) merging with Neptune (fairy tales), the cosmos is your warning signal.


One New Year’s resolution you are definitely keeping is to (further) beautify your personal image. High glamour could be the inspiration. The result is sure to make an impact in your quest for excitement, romance or that little something extra.


While many Aries types are a little dismissive of spirituality, even you are tiring of the constant preoccupation with career or public duty matters. An unusual experience will open your mind to a fresh perspective that helps broaden mental scope.


Ruler Venus is directing you to seek like-minded people to fulfil a dream – be this artistic, political or humanitarian. This is an excellent time to join an organisation which improves the lot of humanity. You want to make a difference.


With ruler Mercury in the chart domain of foreign adventures, you will be feeling very restless. So, if you can get away for a while, perfect. If not, devise a realistic plan to do something you’ve never done before.


A friend is about to invite you to join them on a ‘mystery’ tour, whatever that means to you. A taste for the unusual is in your soul right now. Whatever this ‘tour’ entails, go with the flow and be boggled.


Put off making any kind of major financial decision if you can. Muddling Neptune is merging with cash planet Venus. Alternatively, pay much closer attention to a money topic. However, romantically the skies are sizzling (if you like sizzle).


Analytical skills are at an all-time high. So you spot errors galore in other people’s work – and of course, there are rewards for making corrections. Try not to smile too broadly as you humiliate people who can’t get things right.


You are about to discover a very subtle way to help another person or others in general. This may not sound super-glamorous to Librans, but from time to time life does throw a situation on our pathway which we cannot ignore.


A ‘showy’ chart foretells much in the way of fun and games, with you revealing a side to your nature seldom seen. An event drags you away from recent dramas and invites you to display a creative or expressive gift.


The home falls under an idealistic influence. If a loved one has become distant, Neptune dissolves the barrier and brings them close again. If the home falls short of a style magazine’s fantasy, the present d├ęcor will face the chop.


Be careful of what you say. Sensitive types in your company at present will respond a lot more favourably to a kinder word or a compliment. Whatever the message to be imparted, try to coat it as a sugar almond.

By Victor Olliver

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