There’s a reason the Double Serum is Clarins’ best-selling product worldwide

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You’ve heard of Clarins Double Serum, but do you know why it's the brand's number-one selling beauty product worldwide?
Clarins Double Serum has cult status – just ask any beauty expert out there. Boasting a formula developed over 30 years, this serum boosts the efficacy of your anti-ageing cream, making it a skincare must-have

The technology behind Clarins Double Serum is based on the hydric (water-based) and lipidic (oil-based) systems, which are combined to create a powerful product that can deliver the same potency as two serums.

Visibly combatting the signs of ageing, Double Serum boosts the skin’s five vital functions: regeneration, oxygenation, nutrition, hydration and protection, showing results within just seven days.

In addition to looking out for your skin, Clarins Double Serum does its part for the environment too. This all-natural serum is housed in a bottle that is made out of 100% recycled material and the overall packaging has been stripped back to limit waste production.

For optimum anti-ageing results, it’s recommended to use Clarins Double Serum with Clarins Multi Active, Extra Firming and Super Restorative creams.

Clains Double Serum is available at select Edgars stores and online here.

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