Your weekly horoscope for 22 to 28 February

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Astrology fans, read your weekly horoscope here to avoid any unwanted surprises, and to know what to expect in the upcoming week.
Everything you need to know for your upcoming week.


An eventful time is forecast as new moon in Pisces aligns very positively with Mars, bringing much cosmic support to any business or group enterprise. The likelihood is that a project requires your initiative if only because you have the get-up-and-go.


Your resemblance to a human tornado may be remarked on by friends and foes. To achieve a career high, all this is very useful. Targets are hit and then some. But the peril is that your zest is mistaken for overbearingness.


The temptation to let rip could prove overwhelming. What’s really going on with you is that you’re super restless and keen to break up any kind of boring or stultifying arrangement. Whatever’s going on, ensure you have the support of allies.


Geminis understand the complexities of other people. Use this gift in a tricky situation which could go pear-shaped with one wrong word or look. Ruler Mercury’s retrograde helps unlock a way of getting the better of a perverse soul.


Are you ready for an adventure? No? Well, get prepared. The new moon brings an opportunity to get your way with a partner or close friend, if not now then within the next few weeks. Embrace the moment for fun and action.


Inner turbulence has left you feeling vulnerable, if not in your job, then in fulfilling some key duty. The mood changes and you’ll be surprised to learn that what you most dreaded actually looks like a doorway to a welcome surprise.


For ages you have formulated a plan to place yourself centre stage – because even Virgo has a sense of drama! Ego planet Mars is now positioned to shift life’s focus on a God-given gift of yours. Go for it.


Libra’s talent to bring peace where small-minded nastiness reigns between warring parties is tested at this time. The best approach is to not say too much and allow people to exhaust themselves. Go dancing or hiking to work off nervous energy.


Allow for the unexpected. Many people you know are prone to impulsive behaviour. Annoying as this is, alternative plans will produce success, so go against your usual practice and show flexibility. Consequently, you’ll get the credit for doing little.


Money questions arise (again) and perhaps not everyone is focusing sharply on your value. Never mind, you can advertise your worth now with a few deftly chosen boasts (or reminders). Financially you benefit from fast, no-nonsense and unexpected conduct and initiatives.


Fierce energies in your chart. Dynamic Mars is getting comfortable in Capricorn and stirring up all sorts of controversies. Stale or tiresome situations cannot last forever. Relish a ‘clean out’ as the boot kicks off. But don’t cause injury.


Life may be ticking along nicely, but you have recognised the need to think twice about whom to trust. If you have reached this point of awareness, good. By warily disguising thoughts until April, you have the advantage to win.

By Victor Olliver

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