Your weekly horoscope for 29 to 6 March 2020

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Astrology fans, read your weekly horoscope here to avoid any unwanted surprises, and to know what to expect in the upcoming week.
Everything you need to know for your upcoming week.


A past situation needs to be re-assessed to make sense of present circumstances. Possibly you misunderstood someone’s motives or got the wrong end of the stick. The Mercury retrograde helps self-enlightenment – and you’ll be less likely to repeat an error.


An extravagant period lies ahead if you’re not careful. Suddenly you’re keen to impulse-buy luxuries, book an expensive holiday or refresh the wardrobe. By all means enjoy yourself – you deserve it! – but think twice about building up too much debt.


With style planet Venus moving into your sign, you’ll be thinking a lot more about your image. Does it send the right message to friends and colleagues? Love life is also activated – you’ll be looking for sensual delights to add spark.


Now and in the month ahead, one relationship at least must be conducted with discretion or behind closed doors. This could be romantic or professional, but it’s important to be secretive. The reason for this will become apparent in April.


A shared interest is the most likely way to build a special relationship if you’re looking for a significant other now. In all group situations, your charm brings advantages even if some of the people you deal with are awkward.


There’s nothing wrong with a bit of social climbing. You’re entering a new phase when much can be gained through making alliances with people of influence and power. Work may also bring you into contact with movers and shakers.


A project needs to be re-checked as ruler Mercury continues its retrograde. You know something is not quite right and if anyone can spot the error, it’s you. Ensure you communicate with others and do not leave them in the dark.


An intimate relationship is highlighted or the desire for one deepens. Singletons will be using dating apps in the search for a special someone. A cash benefit may arise from a partner (if any) or a gift comes as a surprise.


A home or family matter has to be looked at again. Possibly a recent repair or redecoration requires further attention. Or you will need to explain something again to a loved one who perhaps wasn’t listening first time around.


This is an excellent time to get things done in the home or to sort out a family ruction. Naturally you’ll have to take the initiative, especially over budgets. There is sufficient cash to undertake a renovation or even a move.


An exciting time lies ahead as you decide to explore a hobby or take part in a competitive sport. You may even consider taking a risk of some kind. It will be necessary to look again at finances to see what’s practical.


While no one would describe you as particularly romantic, Venus’ change of sign definitely makes you a lot more sentimental than usual – and softer hearted. A loved one will be surprised by your unexpected gifts and words of affection.

By Victor Olliver

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