Your weekly horoscope for 21 to 27 March 2020

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Astrology fans, read your weekly horoscope here to avoid any unwanted surprises, and to know what to expect in the upcoming week.
Everything you need to know for your upcoming week.


March 21-April 20
The serious business of finding natural allies in a group situation now has priority as ruler Mars merges with take-no-prisoners Saturn. What’s truly exciting is the sense of a new adventure afoot – you’ll thrive on new challenges and objectives.


April 21-May 21
Don’t go underestimating your pulling power. You have a message to impart or people to win over and the Venus-Jupiter alignment greatly enlarges your capacity to inspire and educate. You will help answer a need yet to be fully understood.


May 22-June 21
A newcomer is about to make their presence felt in your life. This is a time to reach out and spread your social wings – and with ruler Mercury now super-sensitised, trust instincts and first impressions. Be ready for change.


June 22-July 23
With Sun at the top of Cancer’s chart, heralding a new season, there is much focus on your role within a group or society – with a raised chance of recognition or promotion, especially if you have toiled loyally for others.


July 24-August 23
You collide with other egos from time to time – so get ready for some fireworks. The ‘obstacle’ may be an authority or parental figure, but you can turn this moment into something wonderful by paying careful attention to another’s point of view.


August 24- September 23
There’s a breakthrough in the development of a project that reflects a very personal interest. No one can stop you now. But be prepared for hard work to follow. Energetic Mars is triggering all sorts of initiatives in your life.


September 24-October 23
You are ready for fresh ideas and approaches, especially in helping to free yourself from family binds and pushing ahead with a personal plan. With sensitivity shown towards those who need you, it is still possible to follow a dream.


October 24-November 22
It’s time to tell someone the frank or painful truth. Whatever needs saying, just get on with it. The result will be a beneficial effect on family or home issues. So much can be achieved by talking through the details.


November 23-December 21
The financial theme reaches a high as ruler Jupiter aligns favourably with cash planet Venus. You are likely to get what you want or are asking for. If you do encounter resistance, the forces of foolishness will soon capitulate.


December 22-January 20
Tough love is what you’re good at and it’s tough love that is required now. You have you a special ability to see beyond sentiment or delusional thinking. A hard financial decision will have to be made – with improvement to follow.


January 21-February 19
Now is the time to move ahead with a home/family plan. After a period of muddle, it’s clear how something can be achieved without breaking the bank. With Mars and Saturn merging in Aquarius, feel confident about revealing your intentions.


February 20-March 20
A set of circumstances is weighing down on you – but not for much longer. A great deal can be achieved through a charm offensive and acting under the radar. A little sneakiness against opposition can go a long way.

By Victor Olliver

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