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Whether this is your first or your fourth, having a baby comes with loads of stress! We’ve put together a clothing checklist to help keep some of the stress at bay.
Investing in a wardrobe for your little one can be exciting, but it can be easy to get carried away, wanting to purchase every cute thing you come across. The most important thing to remember when shopping for your newborn is comfort. We’ve created a carefully considered checklist of essential items, so you can spend less time fussing over clothing and more time bonding with your baby.
Written by: Emma Follet-Botha


Purchase a variety of blankets – you want a couple with some stretch to them as these are great for swaddling and sleeping. Heavier blankets can be used to wrap your baby up in chilly weather during outdoor walks. As well as being great for positioning around the crib, plush toys will be a welcome distraction when your baby gets a little older as changing them can become somewhat of an extreme sport!

123 Toddler fleece blanket 69.95 SHOP NOW; 123 Toddler plush hippo toy 99.95;
123 Toddler printed fleece blanket 69.95; 123 Toddler plush ballerina bunny toy 99.95 SHOP NOW


Separates allow you to change one piece of dirty clothing without having to assemble a whole new outfit. For example, layer your baby’s body vest over their leggings – if their nappy leaks slightly you can just change the leggings instead of having to remove the entire outfit. Look for stretchy waistbands that fit easily over your baby's nappy and belly, which will expand as your baby gains weight.

123 Toddler 3-piece baby romper, leggings and bib set 149.95 SHOP NOW; 123 Toddler long-sleeve vest (set of 3) 99.95 SHOP NOW; 123 Toddler printed leggings 49.95 SHOP NOW; 123 Toddler leggings 49.95 SHOP NOW


Babies are cute and cuddly, but they are also messy. The chances of your baby coating their outfits in food and spit up are pretty high. Rather than only having a few body vests in your child’s size, investing in bulk ensures that you will never run out when those inevitable stains and spills occur.

123 Toddler 7-pack long-sleeved body vests 189.95 SHOP NOW; 123 Toddler 7-pack short-sleeved body vests 189.95 SHOP NOW

123 Toddler striped sleepsuit 99.95 SHOP NOW; 123 Toddler printed sleepsuit 99.95 SHOP NOW
123 Toddler sleepsuit 99.95; 123 Toddler printed sleepsuit 99.95 SHOP NOW
123 Toddler 3-pack body vests 99.95 SHOP NOW; 123 Toddler 3-pack body vests 99.95 SHOP NOW
123 Toddler 3-pack long-sleeved body vests 99.95 SHOP NOW


Sleepsuits will keep your baby warm and snug, and body vests will make changing their nappy a dream, as very little undressing is required. These are the items you’ll most likely dress your baby in during the first few weeks, so stock up. Opt for bulk packs of long-sleeve body vest and short-sleeve body vests to make your money go further. Unless you’re expecting a small infant, 0 – 3 months (rather than newborn) is an ideal size initially, as your baby will grow into the size very quickly.


Beanies are an important item to invest in for your infant, as babies easily lose heat from the tops of their heads. Socks too are a must for when you aren’t using a sleepsuit. The practicality of the bib will never be underestimated, and you’ll find yourself needing to change your baby’s bib multiple times a day. Avoid bibs with plastic backing as these can go mouldy.

123 Toddler 2-pack bibs 79.95; 123 Toddler beanie (set of 2) 69.95; 123 Toddler 3-pack socks 49.95 SHOP NOW123 Toddler beanie (set of 2) 69.95; 123 Toddler 2-pack bibs 79.95 SHOP NOW; 123 Toddler 3-pack socks 69.95 SHOP NOW

Fashion Editor: Brittany Penebre. Junior Fashion Editor: Rushana Burton. Photographer: Andrè Wepener/Pixel Lounge.

All items subject to availability. Prices may change.

Put a fashionable foot forward with the new Levi’s SS19 footwear range

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For Instagram-worthy summer footwear, look no further than Levi’s SS19 range of shoes.
Looking for the perfect finishing touch to your outfit? Enter Levi’s new summer collection – there's nothing like a good pair of shoes to elevate your look.
Summer may call for barely-there sandals and strappy stilettos but don't forget to add a cool pair of kicks to your warm weather wardrobe. Street style-worthy sneakers add that vital edge to your look, not to mention they're built for comfort. With the new Levi’s SS19 footwear range you can invest in shoes for any occasion and style sensibility to guarantee Insta-worthy looks all summer long.

Check out the new collection of footwear for both men and women at selected Edgars Stores. Sneakers available from R499.

Mangwanani African Spa is celebrating Heritage Month with amazing savings on spa days

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Mangwanani African Spa is offering a 35% saving on its Orange Full-day Spa and 45% saving on the Boutique Spa.
Are you looking for unique ways to celebrate Heritage Month? Look no further than Mangwanani African Spa’s offerings to Edgars Club members.
A firm favourite among regular Spa-goers, the Boutique Spa offer includes two 30-minute treatments, plus cake for an unforgettable experience for you and a friend. For just R599 for two, an amazing saving of 45%, you'll both be treated to Molala: a North African head, neck and shoulders massage, as well as Neo Maoto: a traditional African Royal foot massage (from toes to heels).

If you’re looking for a full-day spa experience, then Mangwanani African Spa’s Orange Spa offering is just for you. For just R1 899 for two people, you will be delighted by six traditional treatments including: Ubuso – a revitalising facial spa with pressure point massage (note: this is not a beauty facial); Tlhapiso – a spa body treatment with a choice of body wash, exfoliation or body brushing; Izimanga – a traditional full-body massage with hot stones; Molala – a North African head neck and shoulders massage; Maoto – a traditional African Royal foot massage (from toes to heels); and Neo Matsogo – a traditional African Royal hand massage (from fingers to elbows). Feast on a delicious breakfast and fresh cocktail juice or sparkling wine, as well as a sumptuous lunch and complimentary bar, and Amarula and chocolate.

Not only will you be indulging yourself in utter decadence and some well-deserved pampering, you will also be supporting responsible tourism and community upliftment.

The full day spa offer is only available at Mangwanani Orange Spas: River Valley, Winelands, Sibaya & Pivot and also only available Tuesday to Thursday, not weekends and public holidays. The Boutique Spa offer is available at the following Mangwanani Boutique Spa Branches and is subject to availability: Elangeni, uShaka, Ballito, Jozini, Wildcoast, Sibaya High Tea, Winelands High Tea, Cullinan, Royal Elephant and Birchwood.

Offer valid from 1 – 30 September. Remember Edgars Club members can pay with their thank U account cards. For more information on how to book, click here. Ts and Cs apply.

Edgars Club members can try Run/Walk For Life for free this September plus get 25% off Plated Convenience

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Edgars Club members can try Run/Walk For Life for FREE for one month this September PLUS get 25% off their first Plated Convenience order.
We love bringing benefit partners together to offer our Edgars Club members even more! Not only will you be able to try out Run/Walk For Life for FREE for one month this September, you’ll ALSO get 25% off your first Plated Convenience order!

To enjoy a healthy lifestyle you need to get plenty of exercise and eat the right food. Now, getting in shape for summer is so much easier with the Run/Walk for Life programme and healthy food choices from Plated Convenience. To get started, all you need to do is go into your nearest Run/Walk For Life branch and show your membership card to register. You can also call 0861005566 or email. Once registered, you will receive a Plated Convenience promo code for your 25% saving on delicious and healthy meals. For more information on how to sign up for this incredible offer, click here. Ts and Cs apply.

5 things you need to know about your credit card

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Not all debt is bad. In fact, credit can be a lifeline if managed correctly. Sanlam knows just how to work best with credit so that it’s helpful and not to your detriment.
Managed correctly, credit can be a lifeline when you need it most. But according to debt specialists Debt Rescue, 58% of South Africans struggle to meet their credit card payments each month. Stay on the right side of these stats with these tips from Sanlam Money Saver.
Content sponsored by Sanlam

1. Identify good vs. bad credit

‘Good credit is credit that you can afford and use to buy things that you need. Bad credit is credit that you can’t afford and you use it for things that you don’t need,’ says Lebogang Selibi from the National Credit Regulator. Using credit wisely includes unexpected issues with your car or a medical emergency and paying it back in time. A good credit rating will help when you want to apply for a car, home or business loan, or even a new cell phone contract.

2. Avoid hidden fees

So how do we promote responsible credit? The Sanlam Money Saver is the only credit card to add up to 5% of your spend to your savings as a cash-back bonus. Sanlam also keeps the fees as low as possible, at only R56/month, and offers up to 55 days interest free. What you see is what you get.

3. Choose a credit provider that doesn’t lure you with false promises

Here’s a reality check: 70 – 90% of loyalty credit card customers never reach the top tier levels required to enjoy advertised rewards. Enter the Sanlam Money Saver credit card: it guarantees up to 5% cash-back added to your savings, with no confusing points systems or caps limiting your bonus.

4. Be smart about who you shop with

When you shop at a Sanlam reward partner such as Edgars, 2.5% of your total spend will be added to your to your savings from Edgars, and another 2.5% from Sanlam, which means a total of 5% of your spend will be added to a dedicated savings account as cash-back benefit on your behalf, at no extra cost to you.

5. Know your credit score

Review your credit rating at least once a year to see your credit status (you’re entitled to one free report per year, per credit bureau). You’ll get a holistic view of your financial landscape. Your credit score is a good indication of the manageability of the various loans and credit facilities in your portfolio. Try TransUnion, Compuscan or Experian.

Find out more about the Sanlam Money Saver credit card by visiting The Sanlam Money Saver is a Mastercard, so you can swipe anywhere.