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We’ve got our eyes on the neon turtleneck. Find out more about why we like it and how we plan to wear it.
What do you get when you combine a neon colour with a turtle neckline? Only winter's most fashion forward and surprisingly versatile piece: the neon turtleneck. 
By Jocelyn Stiebel

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Why we want it

When those neon turtlenecks appeared on Prada’s AW18 runway last year, the hunt began. But alas, it wasn’t until now that the trend truly came to life. Powerful, statement making and daring, the likes of Ashley Graham and Tracee Ellis Ross have all put their stylish twist on this trend – and we want in on the action too! 

How to wear it

If you're wondering how best to wear this particular piece, take a page out of Hailey Bieber's book and match it with some neon pants for a head-to-toe neon look. If you're looking for something a little more low key, there are subtle ways of incorporating this trend into your wardrobe too, while still making a statement.

Underneath a dress

A turtleneck underneath a dress is a go-to winter look we love because we get extra wear from our summer staples. Pairing your favourite dress with a neon turtleneck elevates the look to new heights.

With neutrals

Bring new life to your neutrals with a splash of neon. Try experimenting with textures and prints – think a neon turtleneck paired with animal print or a camel peacoat.

With leather

Neon and leather were made for each other. Remember though, you want to be edgy not trashy, so go for a soft leather without any hardware, and accessorise wisely. If you’re wearing a short leather skirt, step away from the heels and grab your sneakers instead. Otherwise, pair your leather jacket and neon turtleneck with a pair of classic blue jeans and heels.

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