5 Secrets Make-Up Artists Know (that you don’t)

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Make-up artists share their top tips and tricks so you can create a professional cosmetic look at home.
Want to take your make-up game to pro status? Here are the tips and tricks the beauty gurus use to achieve the most coveted looks. 

1. Make your skin glow with this hack

Make-up artist Shahnaz Coler-Wrensch has worked for some of the top fashion magazines, so it comes as no surprise that she’s not only mastered the art of the glowing complexion, but also has a hack for it. Shahnaz’s top tip is to first apply your highlighter to key areas (your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and your chin) before applying your foundation. If that’s not enough, she recommends sweeping an additional layer of highlighter over your foundation for a truly gorgeous glow.


2. Create the Perfect Winged Eye

In between creating gorgeous looks for her brides and clients, artist Gaynor Florence Ingham gives make-up lessons to share her extensive beauty knowledge. One of the looks she’s often asked about is the winged eye, and she has a simple trick to nail it. Hold the straight edge of a business or bank card at the outer corner of your eye, making a slight oblique angle at your temples. Then use your liner to draw along the edge to create the wing. Practice makes perfect, but in the meantime she also has a great solution for uneven strokes: soak the tip of a cotton bud in some make-up remover (Garnier Micellar Water is her favourite) and place it underneath the liner, in line with the bottom lashes, and swipe upward to neaten the edges.


3. Use your balm for just about everything

Make-up artist Safiyah Khan has worked with many celebrities, including Isla Fisher, Penelope Cruz, Pearl Thusi, Bonang and Jeanni D, to name a few. The secret weapon in her beauty arsenal is Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, which she uses in a variety of ways to achieve the desired look. Top tips include mixing a little into your foundation to add a subtle glow to your face, and using it to turn a powder blush into a cream one – just tap it on your cheeks after applying blush and then blend it out for a dewy glow.


4. Customise Your Foundation With Your Skincare

She co-owns one of the top hair and make-up mobile agencies, hosts sold-out beauty master classes, and is one of the most sought-after hair and make-up artists, so when Renee De Wit speaks – we listen. While Renee is a firm believer that great skin starts with a solid skincare routine, she says foundation is equally important in creating the perfect canvas. Instead of buying different foundations for different seasons and events, Renee recommends customising your current foundation to suit the occasion. If you need to create fuller coverage, add some creamy moisturiser. If it’s a dewy, sheer finish you’re after, mix in a hydrating primer for an all-day glow. For those with dry skin, adding a little facial oil to your foundation will boost its nourishing benefits.


5. Use Your Eye Shadow Or Blush As a Lipstick

If you don’t already know Vuvu Maseti by name, you undoubtedly know her work. Having recently scored the cover of a well-known glossy magazine, she also creates glamorous looks for television and editorials and is fast becoming one of the ‘It’ hair and make-up artists in the industry. A lover of a bold pout (just look at her Instagram), it’s no wonder that one of her beauty secrets involves lipstick, or more specifically, using your powder blush or eye shadow as lipstick. To start, Vuvu recommends prepping lips with a lip scrub and then adding a lip balm. Then apply the blush or eye shadow with your finger or flat eye-shadow brush. Lastly, add a bit of sheen by applying some more lip balm.


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