Statement workout gear to match your favourite exercise

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Good on you for finding your ideal exercise! Now it’s time to pick out the best possible workout gear to elevate your performance.
If your enthusiasm for exercise is waning,  a stylish update to your workout gear is all the motivation you need to stay on course. From yoga and boxing to Pilates and dance class, these are the pieces to add to your workout wardrobe.
By Candice Bresler


Breathe in, breathe out… and listen as your heartbeat quickens at the sight of these gold-foiled leggings. Not only do snug-fitting bottoms showcase those toned legs you’ve worked so hard for, they also allow your teacher to make sure your body is properly aligned and you’re nailing your pose. Top off your look with a comfortable sweater and a lightweight jacket to make sure your post-yoga glow lasts long into the rest of your day.


Murder the beat, not your feet. A great pair of sneakers is essential – look out for a pair with soles of a medium thickness, as anything too thin will leave your feet in agony by the end of the class. The perfect pair of stretchy pants is also a must. We particularly love this cropped, track style with matching sweater – allowing you to move with ease, without worrying about a rogue hem tripping you up or a hard-earned sweat stain taking your mind off your moves.


Think ‘Pilates’; think ‘practical’. You’re on your stomach, you’re upside down, you’re in positions that might leave you swearing under your breath as you feel the burn. Pilates also often relies on the use of equipment in the studio so we’re keeping it simple with a sleek, sophisticated monochrome set of workout clothes. You want to avoid anything with ties, drawstrings, tassels or embellishments that can distract you, or get stuck in the equipment.


Repeat after us: No cotton for cardio. Cotton will also absorb – and keep – all your sweat, which is not a good look. It’s time to whip out the true performance fabrics, and Puma pulls through with this stylish sports bra and leggings set – although, we’ll be honest, the gorgeous emerald colour also sealed the deal for us. Whether you’re focusing on box jumps, or showing burpees who’s boss, we won’t blame you for checking out your reflection in this set while you're at it.


Boxing is one way to ensure an instant sweat-fest, so less is more when choosing your workout gear. You’ll want to focus on choosing a sports bra that is built for medium to high impact and – most importantly – stays in place. Whether your hands are taped or in gloves, you can’t afford to be tugging at straps or pulling your leggings up every few minutes. Your gear needs to stay in place, and move when you do.

Fashion editor: Brittany Penebre. Videography: Roice Nel. Junior fashion editor: Rushana Burton. Hair & make-up: Shahnaz Cola-Wrensch/SNCM. Model: Kim J/10 Artist Management.

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